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Work at Outdoor Education Centers and Summer Camps in Canada

Travel through and discover many of the beauties and wonders Canada has to offer, work in a fun, intense and joyful environment, be in direct contact with nature in the Canadian wilderness and meet open-minded people from all over the world. We offer mainly 4 different type of placements according to each program’s nature and the required responsibilities and skills needed for each.

  • Camp Counselor in Canada /
  • Program Area Coach /
  • Support Staff /
  • Outdoor Educational Center Specialist.

No matter which type of placement, you will end up going through a great learning process and will gain lots of experience mentoring children and youth, leading projects and activities, organizing, communicating and solving problems. If you you are interested in practicing & improving your english fluency and confidence in speaking it, there is nothing like getting completely immersed into a fun and relax atmosphere such as at camp. Without a doubt, your cultural baggage and soft skills will boost and reinforce your character. No matter if you have little experience so far, as you will receive detailed orientation and you will get prepared with an intense training that will get you tuned up and all set for a magnificent summer work experience in Canada.

Person requirements

The main characteristics that we are looking for in our participants are:

  • motivated,
  • disciplined,
  • children / youth oriented,
  • eager to learn & experience other cultures,
  • open to share and learn,
  • self secure and capable of leading group dynamics,
  • responsible and aware of safety,
  • interested in spending time in the wilderness, in contact with nature and without access to screens,
  • enthusiastic and willing to sing, play, run, swim, scream, and play goofy roles.

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting employers!