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Social Photography Placement in India

Are you a photography student with a desire to look at social and impactful photography? Do you long to travel and see the world through a lens, taking in new sights, exploring new themes and capturing it all for your portfolio? Check the placement’s​ full description​.

We partner with development projects in Africa and India and have sent many students looking to add something extra to their work. We have developed a tailored placement opportunity for photography students to take their work to the next level.

From start to finish, we help guide you through your placement, ensuring you capture everything that each country has to offer, all through your camera. Whether you want to gather material or inspiration for your Final Project, or add to your portfolio, we can help and want to work with you.

This is a very creative and entrepreneurial opportunity. Present your ideas, all ideas are more than welcome! Suggestions can be made based on age, culture and differences. All our local charities work with children and they would love to be involved in your work. This opportunity is available for a group of students as well as individuals.

Working alongside HIV/AIDS NGOs, from the tourist hotspots, to the slums of Jaipur, we can help you develop your medium and project your work to new places and give real meaning to it.

Example Brief

Pre-departure/Week 1

  • Discuss brief aims and objectives and make preparations
  • Introduction to the in-country project and confirm shoot schedule and target groups Observations and interactions with the children and staff; building trust
  • End of the week; write brief to discuss with project about structuring plans and ambitions.

Week 2

  • Discuss photography brief and ideas with project and Naren, the volunteer coordinator Put structure into place, including photography targets, aims and objectives
  • End of week 2; feedback and review progress

Week 3

  • Establish gaps in brief and fulfil new objectives Identify any trips or further afield plans

Week 4

  • Round up anything missing

Additional Extras

  • Outside of your placement, there are plenty of opportunities to travel and experience the beauty and diversity that India has to offer. As we have an in-country volunteer coordinator, they will be able to help arrange trips to places such as idyllic beaches, national parks, historic landmarks and the best local spots to check out in order to get the real Indian experience

‘I couldn’t recommend the Vocational Impact placement enough, they took care of every detail from start to finish. We didn’t stop during our trip. We sat down with the founders and established our shooting schedule. From that moment it was go-go-go. We should have gone for longer, but being guided around India with our local host meant we could get shots that we could never have done on our own’.
Dan Dugmore, Photography, UAL
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Placement Fee/Donation

This is a self-funded experience and part of your fee will be sent directly to the project to support their sustainable development goals. Vocational Impact promotes ethical travel and a shared learning experience. You will pay an all-inclusive fee, which will include a donation. ​** ​From £57 per day **.

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting employers!