Climate Action

It is anticipated that Graduates recruited under the Climate Action skills area will be assigned to either one of the regional Climate Action Offices (CAROs) or to a local Climate Action Team within an individual local authority.

The primary role of the CAROs (which were established in 2019) will be to coordinate and facilitate Climate Action activity in the Local Govt sector and to engage and collaborate with the other sectors in this regard. The initial focus of the CAROs is the development of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies across each of the 31 local authorities and that all strategies are in line with the requirements of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015.

Each Local Authority will in addition to the CAROs establish their own Climate Action teams that will be multi-disciplinary and cross-functional in their approach to ensuring that each Local Authority meets its own commitments and targets under the Governments 2019 Climate Action Plan.

Graduates can expect to gain hands on experience as part of a team of implementing Climate Action policies and on contributing to the development of sustainable solutions aimed at addressing national; regional and local climate issues.

Graduates with relevant qualifications in and a strong interest in the area of climate action can expect to improve their competency by becoming part of an existing or start-up climate action team in the Local Authority area where they gain a placement.

Application and Selection Process

Applicants must complete the standardised application form provided by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) who are organising the Graduate recruitment competition on behalf of the 31 local authorities. The form will require that all applicants provide the following information,

  • Name & contact details
  • Qualifications obtained and educational history
  • Details previous employment history (if any)
  • Confirmation of which post(s) in which local authorities in each of the 7 skills areas that you wish to apply for? Applicants will be asked to select up to and rank in order of preference a maximum of 5 local authorities in no more than 2 regions for each skills area being applied for.
  • A short text-based description of how you believe your qualification is relevant to the skills area(s) that you are applying for?
  • Complete and sign the declaration.

Once submitted applicants will be asked to undergo some or all of the following steps as part of the recruitment process,

  • Shortlisting of your application based on the direct relevance of your qualification to the skills area(s) you have applied for.
  • A competitive interview in the region(s) you have selected.
  • Any other tests or exercises that may be deemed appropriate.

Candidates who are successful at the interview stage will be placed on a panel from which future vacancies will be filled. The regional panels for each of the 7 skills areas will be active for 12 months with individual local authorities being able to fill any vacancies which arise post commencement up to a cut off point of 9 months.

Closing date for applications:  17th December 2020 at 3pm

Job Scheme/Locations:                

Carlow County Council; Clare County Council; Cork City Council; Donegal County Council; Dublin City Council; Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council; Fingal County Council; Galway City Council; Kerry County Council; Kildare County Council; Longford County Council; Louth County Council; Mayo County Council;  Meath County Council; Sligo County Council; South Dublin County Council; Waterford City & County Council; Westmeath County Council.

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting employers!