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Business Practice - Advanced

As a business professional, you will most likely need to upskill in a targeted manner whilst also seeking to maintain a healthy work life balance. With this programme, you develop the advanced critical thinking that is required by business professionals to make their organisations thrive in the modern business environment. You do this by building your own Masters or Postgraduate Diploma, module by module, based on your professional needs- at your own pace.

We have designed a programme that will be guided by the needs of employers. We do this by collaborating bi-annually with employers and graduates of business and cognate disciplines in order to identify the areas within their profession or sector where there is a skill and/or educational deficit.

What will I experience?

A vibrant learning community: A community of learners and educators coming together to share and apply knowledge to solve real-life business problems.

Transformative experiences that drive you to reflect and change: You will be constantly challenged inside and outside of class to reflect on and apply your knowledge to your past, current and future work practices.

Expert lecturers from a renowned Business Department: Sessions are facilitated by expert lecturers with an extensive experience of working for and with business. AIT Business Department has many links with industry, commerce, and public sector which enriches the programmes offered.

Entry requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements:
An undergraduate degree in business or cognate discipline (level 8) at a minimum 2.2 level.


Modules run for 10 week periods. MBS/Postgraduate Diploma can be awarded upon completion of modules over a number of years (up to ten years).

Careers or further progression

Learners who achieve minor awards are eligible to progress towards a Masters of Business Studies in Advanced Business Practice or a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Business Practice. Graduates of the Diploma can progress to the Masters of Business Studies (MBS) or Master of Business Administration (MBA). Graduates of the Master of Business Studies in Advanced Business Practice can progress to study at PhD level (level 10).

The majority of students that will partake in this programme will be in full time employment. The programme will facilitate those who need to multi-task in order to preserve or enhance their employment status or those who are seeking to increase their level of employability. Graduates with further qualifications at level 9 can reasonably expect to rise to more advanced positions, including Senior Executive Level, and command salaries commensurate with their status.


Course NFQ Level:Level 9

Assessment method

Depending on the number of credits for a module, the number of assignments may vary. Individual lecturers will develop appropriate assessment strategies and allocate dates for assessment, practical work projects. Assessments for all modules on the programme will be based on practical assignments and/or end of module exam. Assignments will be designed to gauge the extent to which the learning outcomes have been met by learners.

Course fee

€750 per module.

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