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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is considered a relatively new field in Internet computing where novel perspectives in internetworking technologies have emerged. To successfully deal with issues relating to this new paradigm the MSc in Cloud Computing programme aims to equip the graduate with the advanced conceptual understanding, detailed factual knowledge, and specialist architectural and technical skills required to design and implement cloud based solutions and services.

More recently the convergence of the cloud with big data has created additional opportunities for IT professionals to gain valuable insights into their business data. Such insights are critical for companies to maintain their competitive edge, increase their revenues and deliver new innovative services and solutions. The programme also aims to address the skills gap in this area so the graduate is equipped with not only the skills to store the data in the cloud but also to derive meaningful analytics from it to deliver true business value.

The content seeks to reflect current and likely future practice in cloud planning and management, the design and management of virtual environments, data analytics, the consolidation of data centres, security techniques in multi-tenant virtualised environments and related areas that contribute to the building of both private and public cloud environments.

Entry requirements

Admission Requirements
Entry to the MSc in Cloud Computing will require a minimum of a Level 8 Honours Degree in Computing or in a cognate discipline. As this programme is designed specifically for computing professionals working in the IT industry only graduates with experience will gain direct entry into this programme.


18 months (3 Semesters) online.

No. of weeks per semester: 13
No. of timetable hours week: 6
Which days: Tuesday/Wednesday

The MSc in Cloud Computing is taught online using Cloud based technologies, so students can learn about the cloud in the cloud. Learning technologies such as Blackboard, Adobe Connect and virtualised lab infrastructures are just some of the systems that are used to deliver this innovative programme. Lectures, which are delivered at night are streamed live over the Internet and recorded to facilitate easy playback for students. This offers great flexibility to students as they can access their lectures and labs anytime, anywhere on any device that has a Web browser. It is a testament to the online delivery platform in CIT that students can participate in the programme irrespective of their physical location or working status.

Number of credits


Further enquiries

Dr Donna O’Shea
Department of Computing

Subjects taught

All modules are worth 5 credits (ECTS) unless otherwise noted.
The elective modules afford the learner the opportunity to broaden his/ her skills in software development for the Cloud and deepen his/ her skill set in data management and analytics.

Semester 1
• Cloud Strategy Planning & Mngt
• Computing Research & Practice
• Managing Virtual Environments
• Data Centre Networking
• Cloud Storage Infrastructures

• Scripting for System Administrators
• App. Development Frameworks
• Data Analytics
• Software Engineering
• Software Dev. for the Cloud
• Cryptography
• Mobile Networking
• Software Security
• Free Choice Module

Semester 2
• Cloud Security
• Soft Dev Research Project (20 ECTS)

• Scripting for System Administration
• App. Development Frameworks
• Data Analytics
• Software Engineering
• Software Dev. for the Cloud
• Cryptography
• Mobile Networking
• Software Security
• Free Choice Module

Application date

Closing date: August 2017

Course fee


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