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Information Design & Development

Information Developers are individuals who bridge the gap between subject matter experts and that of the end user. The role of information developers is becoming increasingly important given that society is being driven by technology and information developers provide the voice in communicating how issues incorporating technology are framed and developed. The Society of Technical Communication (STC) define information developers or technical communicators as individuals that communicate using an instruction based focus on technical or specialised topics using technology. In essence, information development and technical communications ensures that designs, products, systems and methodologies are documented and conveyed to their target audience to maximise its business value to the organisation.

Simply put - if it is not worth documenting, it is not worth anything.

Over the past number of years, the manner by which information developers perform their role has been impacted by technological advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and modern day practitioners need skills from not just Humanities but also Computing and Business domains. The programme seeks to provide a modern day practitioner with the opportunity for in depth study of the advanced rhetorical, compositional theories, project management, and technical skills necessary for them to be leaders in designing, composing, managing, and editing content using a standardised methodological approach using XML based technologies such as DITA.

Entry requirements

Admission Requirements
Applicants who hold a Level 8 degree in any discipline are eligible to apply for the MSc in Information Development programme. Applicants who do not hold a Level 8 degree but have significant industrial experience will be considered on a case by case basis.


Duration & Delivery
24 months (4 semesters) is the minimum duration.

The MSc in Information Design and Development is delivered and accessed fully online using state of the art Cloud based technologies. Lectures are delivered online by night and streamed live over the Internet and recorded to facilitate easy playback to students. The programme offers great flexibility to students as they can access their lectures and labs anytime, anywhere on any device that has a Web browser.

Number of credits

M.Sc: 90 ECTS;
P.Grad.Dip:60 ECTS;
Cert: 30 ECTS

Further enquiries

Tim Horgan
Department of Computing
T: +353 21 433 5135

Subjects taught

All modules are worth 5 credits (ECTS) unless otherwise noted.
Semester 1
• XML in Technical Communications (10 ECTS)
• Visual Communications

Semester 2
• Information Development & Experience (10 ECTS)
• Information Strategy

Semester 3
• Audience & Research Skills (10 ECTS)

Semester 4
• Project Management & Quality (10 ECTS)

Semester 5
• Thesis (30 ECTS)

• Information Analytics
• Scripting for System Administrators

The elective modules afford the learner the opportunity to broaden his/her skills in DITA, information development and experience, project management, and visual communications. Depending on demand, other electives may be offered.

Application date

Closing date: August 2017

Course fee


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