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This programme is designed to provide an entry path for Bachelors Honours graduates in other numerate disciplines into graduate entry level careers in computing. The philosophy behind the programme is that graduates from other disciplines will have developed significant transferable skills in analysis, communications and independent learning and so will be in a position to learn quickly a focused subset of computing knowledge to level 8. Learners on the programme will acquire core knowledge of computing concepts in the first part of the programme, They will then progress to a deeper knowledge in their chosen specialisation.

Specialisations available include the following:
•Software Development
•Data Analytics

Note that not all specialisms may run each year.

Entry requirements

The minimum admission requirement is an Honours Bachelors degree (level 8) in a non computer science discipline. Applicants with other qualifications and relevant experience may also be considered for entry as exceptional cases.

Note: Due to the considerable competition for our postgraduate programmes, satisfying the minimum entry requirement is not a guarantee of a place. Depending on the programme of study applications will be assessed based on academic grades and any work/life experience. Applicants may also be required to attend for interview.

Who Should Apply?
Graduates with Honours Bachelors degrees in other numerate disciplines who wish to extend their skills into graduate entry level careers in computing.

Careers or further progression

Career Opportunities

It is expected that students will, at a minimum, obtain a work placement or internship with associated industrial partners for a 6 month period. It is anticipated that in many cases these placements may lead to a full time offer of employment with the company. This possibility is strengthened by the flexibility to tailor the specialisation and project to the needs of the company. Internships or work placements are seen as crucial to providing graduates with the context and confidence in their new knowledge.

As students on this programme will have a primary degree, a Higher Diploma (Level 8 Conversion) and relevant experience, they will, on successful completion of the programme, be eligible for entry into specialist computing MSc programmes which are available through both full and part-time modes of delivery. The advantage of this approach is that it will ensure that the graduates of the higher diploma will be demonstrably of an appropriate level 8 standard.


Students can choose to exit with a CPD Certificate in Fundamentals of Computing on completion of the core computing modules (30 ECTS) or a CPD Certificate in Computing on completion of the core computing and the specialism modules (60 ECTS). These certificates are considered by DIT as Masters Qualifiers for the MSc in Computing Programmes offered in the DIT School of Computing. Students who achieve a particular threshold grade in these certificates will be eligible for entry into these MSc in Computing programmes.

Students will be eligible to achieve the Higher Diploma award on successful completion of all core and specialism modules as well as work placement. HDip graduates will be eligible for entry into specialist computing MSc programmes.

Further enquiries

School of Computing
College of Sciences and Health
DIT Kevin Street, Dublin 8

Contact: Dr Bianca Schoen-Phelan
T: 01 402 4767

Subjects taught

Core Modules
Object-Oriented Software Development 1
Information Systems
Architecture, Operating Systems and Networks
Web and User Interface Design
Systems Analysis and Testing

Software Development Specialisation Modules
Enterprise Application Development
Object-Oriented Software Development 2
Programming for Mobile and Smart Devices
Work Placement

Data Analytics Specialisation Modules
Data Analytics
Probability Models and Statistical Inference
Advanced Databases
Work Placement


Qualification Awarded: CPD Diploma in Fundamentals of Computing (30 ECTS) or CPD Diploma in Computing (60 ECTS) or Higher Diploma in Computing (90 ECTS).

Location: School of Computing College of Sciences and Health DIT Kevin Street, Dublin 8 Contact: Dr Bianca Schoen-Phelan T: 01 402 4767 E:

Application date

Closing Date: The general closing date is 27th April 2018. Please note that late applications may be accepted subject to availability.

Enrolment and start dates

Start Date: September 2018

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