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Institute of Technology Carlow encourages academic excellence with a range of Postgraduate Research Fellowships which are offered annually to recent, appropriately qualified graduates. The Fellowship Programme attracts new researchers to a range of exciting and challenging research projects in dynamic environments under the supervision of successful and established principal investigators. All of the Research COREs (Centres of Research and Enterprise) and Research Centres that offer opportunities under the programme have demonstrated the real potential of these Fellowships to contribute to research excellence through challenging and original Masters research projects supported by excellent supervision.

Fellowship opportunities span the academic disciplines and include research opportunities within each of the listed research groups. Candidates with a first or upper second class honours degree are eligible to apply for project funding under this scheme.

Further enquiries

For further information, contact:
Dr Dean Callaghan
E: dean.callaghan@itcarlow.ie
Dr Nigel Kent
E: nigel.kent@itcarlow.ie

Application date

Application Process - Research Programmes
For more information and to apply for research opportunities, scholarships and funding, please email:
Dr Brian Jackson Head of Postgraduate Studies brian.jackson@itcarlow.ie

Research areas

engCORE is the focal point for the research interests of staff attached to Institute of Technology Carlow's Faculty of Engineering.

engCORE brings together researchers from a range of knowledge domains to create, advance, and disseminate new technologies through industry focused research. Key research themes are closely aligned to identified areas of national priority including:

• Smart Materials & Mechanics encompassing mechanical design, finite element analysis, 3D printing and material analysis;

• Circuits & Systems encompassing ASIC design, embedded systems & internet of things (IoT), electric machines and instrumentation;

• The Sustainable Built Environment encompassing soil mechanics, sustainable energy for the built environment, civil engineering and architectural design.

Current research projects include:

• AVOID, a collision avoidance system for ground support equipment;

• Development of a CFD application tool to effect optimisation of Solids Separation in the Water and Wastewater Industry;

• Non-Invasive blood glucose testing utilising photoacoustic detection;

• Additive Manufacturing technology to produce components with embedded sensing capability;

• Acoustic source localisation of autonomous robotic agents;

• Assistive living using brain computer interfaces;

• The thermo-analysis of electromagnetic coils in electric machines;

• Comparative study of the relative economics of energy production from lignocellulosic and grass biomass fuel in Ireland;

• An investigation of the viability and effectiveness of using BIM in an emergency application which aids first responders in emergency events, with particular emphasis on the first responders in the Fire Service.

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