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Management Practice

Why choose this programme?

As a leader looking for their organisation to reach new heights, you need a truly transformational developmental experience.

Our flagship MSc in Management Practice programme gives you the opportunity to forge a new path for you and your organisation, looking afresh at challenges and driving through a strategic change initiative.

Look at your organisation from a new perspective and create a clear pathway for change.

Drive a specific change initiative, analysing its progress with peer and expert support.

Greatly develop your personal leadership skills.

Entry requirements

Applicants must:

•have a university degree (any discipline) or a professional qualification. Applications are also invited from mature non-graduates with significant management experience

•have a number of years’ experience as a senior manager

•satisfy IMI as to their general suitability and ability to deal with the work requirements of the programme

For whom:

The typical participant will have had general management experience at CEO level or will be at the top of a major corporate function within the organisation such as financial controller, production director, marketing manager. They will come from large and small indigenous companies, multinational subsidiaries, as well as the state, semi-state and financial services sectors. The average age of participants on the programme will be about forty, with a range above and below this. It is only in exceptional circumstances that participants who are not in their early thirties at least will have had the breadth of experience required or the authority to implement the change which is an integral part of the programme.


Duration: 24 months
Location – Dublin: IMI Campus
On-site:38 days

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Subjects taught

Programmes themes

•Put managing and driving through change into your own context and examine what makes a successful, and unsuccessful, change strategy.

•Develop transition strategies and build political consensus and momentum in your organisation for change.

Strategy to a Purpose

•Carry out an environmental analysis on your organisation, assessing your oranisation's competencies and capabilities.

•Critically evaluate your current business model and map the challenges in evolving it, and the opportunities that come with it.

•Bridge the gap between analysis and strategy implementation.

The Organisation and You

•Influence, inspire and motivate your organisation through developing a greater understanding of what it is, and what it is capable of.

•Examine organisational development processes from diagnosis to delivery.

•Explore psychological principles, techniques and approaches that will have an immediate practical impact for your organisation.

Real-World Technology

•Gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of information technology.

•Examine how to align technologies, from software to infrastructure, with your business strategy.

•Develop the business case for IT utilisation and investment, formulating and executing strategy.

Financial Analysis

•Conduct a financial analysis of your organisation, uncovering opportunities and threats.

•Delve into the facts behind the figures of corporate finance, allowing you make better, more accurate decisions.

A Winning Leader

•Develop your personal abilities as a leader, leading with authenticity, influence and verve.

•Refresh your negotiation skills, from hardnosed business situations to personal relationships.

•Become an internal change consultant for your organisation, ready to be a guiding hand for major strategic initiatives.

Course fee

Programme fee: €18,855

Enrolment and start dates

Next start date - Dublin: TBC 2020

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