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Data Business

The MSc in Data Business is awarded after completion of IMI Diploma in Data Business Part 1 and Part 2.

Data Business Part 1 information available at:

Data Business Part 2 promotes action design research to create business value through data-centric change while giving the ability to integrate knowledge and to analyse, assess and manage the research process.

Who This Programme Is For
•This programme is appropriate for professionals requiring expertise in business intelligence and data business.

•The programme is designed for professionals who have a role in transforming the existing information supply chain of their business or being a change agent in developing a new data business.

•Professionals who have technical experience and want to develop a more business/holistic view of data strategy and non-technical professionals who need to have a strategic understanding to manage data and collaborate with the data analysts.

Pathway Options

Participants who have completed the IMI Diploma in Data Business Part 1 have three options in their journey to achieving a Masters.

MSc. in Data Business
Masters in Business Practice

It must be noted that Data Business Part 1 can be taken as the second or third IMI Diploma in the journey towards an MSc in Business Practice or MBS in Business Practice.

Entry requirements

A candidate's suitability for the programme will be determined by a combination of their academic qualifications and / or relevant professional experience. Each applicant will be firstly required to comprehensively complete the IMI "Portfolio of Learning" form.

A primary degree from a recognised third level institution (NFQ level 8) will typically be required with at least 3 years relevant industry experience, however, prior workplace learning will be recognised where applicants do not meet the academic requirement.

Alternatively at least 5 years relevant experience at an appropriate managerial level is the requirement where the degree is not in the appropriate area (Information Systems/Information Technology). This experience may come from a general business or organisational background, involving information technology or experience in data management.

Each proposed candidate will be considered on a case by case basis by the Programme Directors, who will interview applicants in person or by phone. The IMI Registrar's Office will oversee all applications and the final decision on any application rests with the Registrar.

All applicants whose first language is not English will be required to show evidence of the successful completion of an IELTS or TOEFL test. The English language requirement for this programme is an IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent.

For the MSc. in Data Business Pathway successful completion of the IMI Diploma in Data Business Part 1 is required.


Duration: 18 Days
Location: Dublin

Further enquiries

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Subjects taught

IMI Diploma in Data Business Part 2:

Programme promotes action design research to create business value through data-centric change.

Applied Research Methods

Provides the knowledge, skills and tools needed to effectively undertake an action design research (ADR) project.

Big Data & Analytics

Provides the ability to identify and prioritise opportunities to adopt Big Data technologies to deliver business value.

Agile Project Delivery

Provides an insight into agile techniques and the macro and micro perspectives on agile project planning and delivery.

Data Driven Design

Provides the ability to manage organisational data as a business asset through leading and advancing the data quality agenda in an organisation.

Research Seminars in Data Business

Provides an understanding of the challenges and opportunities in data business from both the academic and practitioner perspective.

Design Thinking & Process Improvement

Provides people-oriented skills and knowledge to design and manage agile businesses that exploit current opportunities and simultaneously explore for future opportunities.


On successful completion of IMI Diploma in Data Business Part 1 and Data Business Part 2 participants will be awarded the MSc. in Data Business. This is validated and awarded by University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork, at Level 9 (90 credits) on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Course fee

Corporate Member
€22,140 (part 1 €8,390 + part 2 €13,750)

€24,140 (part 1 €9,190 + part 2 €14,950)

€26,240 (part 1 €9,900 + part 2 €16,250)

Enrolment and start dates

Next Programme: 10.05.2018

Module 1: 09, 10 & 11 May 2018
Module 2: 13, 14 & 15 June 2018
Module 3: 12, 13 & 14 September 2018
Module 4: 03, 04 & 05 October 2018
Module 5: 07, 8 & 09 November 2018
Module 6: 05, 06 & 07 December 2018

Data Business Part 2 Date TBC Autumn 2018

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