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Business Framework

Master of Business Framework

The flexible developmental journey demanded by professionals today so that they can become the future-fit leaders of tomorrow. You determine the pathway that best suits your development needs.

Once you have completed your chosen journey, you will receive either an MBS or an MSc, depending on your chosen path.


You can complete the taught element of each Professional Diploma on a modular basis over a 6-month period, and you have up to five years to complete all taught elements of the Framework.

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Subjects taught

The MBS In Business Practice Pathway
This requires you to complete three Professional Diploma and a Reflective Integrated Assignment. The purpose of this reflective assignment will be to integrate, prioritise and synthesize key reflections, learning and themes that have developed over the duration of their learning journey.

Professional Diploma 1 +
Professional Diploma 2 +
Professional Diploma 3 +
Reflective Integrated Assignment = MBS in Business Practice

The MSc In Business Practice Pathway
This requires you to complete two Professional Diplomas followed by the Business Research Project. This pathway allows for the development of significant research and analytical skills and provides the opportunity for a participant to develop deep insight and expertise in relation to a specific issue that is of significance to their work.

Professional Diploma 1 +
Professional Diploma 2 +
Business Research Project = MSc in Business Practice

15 IMI Professional Diplomas

Leadership & Change Suite
Executive Coaching
Organisational Development and Transformation
Organisational Behaviour
Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Thinking Suite
Strategy and Innovation
Data Business
Digital Business
International Business Development
Technology Leadership

Management Capabilities Suite
Business Finance
Regulatory Management
Management of Governance Risk and Compliance
Marketing and Digital Strategy

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