Strategy & Innovation

The MSc Strategy & Innovation is designed for those focussed on careers in general management that will have a strategic impact on their organisations. The programme provides the Business graduate or experienced manager with leading edge content in strategy, innovation management, leadership, technology, and finance; all key elements affecting the performance of organisations in dynamic environments. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply the learning through a challenging and applied business research project addressing real world issues. The School of Business links students with organisations for these projects and those in employment studying part-time can address an issue in their own organisation.

Entry requirements

Entry Requirements for Business postgraduate programmes
The minimum standard entry criteria for MSc degrees in the School of Business are as follows;

Minimum entry criteria for MSc Business Management:
- Candidates should have a minimum of a 2.2 grade, honours (level 8) degree in a non-business discipline.

Minimum entry criteria for MSc IT-Enabled Innovation:
- Candidates should have a minimum of a 2.2 grade, honours (level 8) degree in a business or non-business discipline.

Minimum entry criteria for MSc Strategy and Innovation:
- Candidates should have a minimum of a 2.2 grade, honours (level 8) degree in a business discipline, or equivalent

- Candidates who obtained a business undergraduate degree five or more years ago may also apply for entry these programmes.

- Applicants who hold a non-business degree with five years' relevant work experience will be considered.

All programmes:
- Exceptionally, candidates who do not have a level 8-degree may be admitted on a case-by-case basis where they have a minimum of ten years' relevant work experience, three of which are at a management level. Applications may be required to provide further evidence of capability including a CV, additional written information (e.g. essay on relevance of prior work experience to current degree) and an interview.

- For international students whose first language is not English, an English language exam certificate showing IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent) is required.


MH54D: 1 year Full-time.
MH55D: 2 years Part-time.

Careers or further progression

The programme is designed for those focussed on a career in general management or innovation management with organisations in dynamic service and manufacturing sectors. The course is not sector specific and candidates enjoy employment prospects in most industries.

Further enquiries

Programme Director: Prof. Peter McNamara
Tel: +353 (0)1 708 6626

Subjects taught

Course Structure
The programme is delivered in 5 x 4 day block modules (2 day modules for part-time) from September to March followed by the Business Research Project from April to July.


The School of Business at Maynooth provides students with the personal support that Maynooth is renowned for, backed by the industry experience of its lecturers, the 'real-world' focus of its course content and the preparation for the workplace offered in the design of its programmes. Our passion is working with students from a mix of backgrounds (non-business degree holders, experienced professionals who do not hold a primary degree and business graduates) to develop their understanding of intermediate and advanced concepts and practices of business. We have a dynamic teaching approach. A typical full-time student usually takes classes for two full days every fortnight. Students are encouraged to learn independently, though significant reading and assignments, sometimes on their own but also working in teams both prior to a class and afterwards.

Application date

All applications should be made through the PAC system.

Course fee

In general, there are two levels of fees payable. EU students from EU countries including Ireland pay a subsidised level of fees for both taught courses and research programmes. Tuition fees for students from outside the EU are not subsidised and are thus somewhat higher than for EU students.

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!