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Education - PhD through Education - Research

The School of Education has a broad research remit in art, design and visual education including all levels of educational provision and is especially interested in encouraging innovative research approaches.

While the PhD through Education is normally by written thesis, the School considers applications which employ alternative media. Contacting the College in advance of submitting a proposal allows discussion of research themes with staff. Current Education PhD research interests include:

• Visual Art Education in the Primary School Curriculum
• Assessment in Art at Leaving Certificate level
• Art and Design in National Curriculum Policy
• Evental education and art practice
• Culture, Collectivity and Globalisation: performing community in the arts.

PhD study normally requires a minimum of three years full-time study (but may require longer, given the high level of achievement required). The PhD thesis is typically 80,000 to 100,000 words in length.

The PhD programme at NCAD is a structured programme involving significant interdisciplinary and discipline specific input in the early stages of the research project, and active engagement with a community of researchers within and beyond NCAD.

The NCAD’s training, supervision and support processes for PhD candidates include:

• Regular, dynamic student-led interdisciplinary PhD research seminars

• Access to international PhD networks and exchange programmes
• Supervised access to internal and external experts in the relevant field

• Annual national PhD conferences in art and design

• Public symposia and conferences in PhD research areas

• Cross-institutional collaboration involving multidisciplinary research teams

• Training in appropriate research methods.

Entry requirements

Applicants for a PhD through Education are encouraged to identify members of college staff they would wish to work with as supervisor(s) to offer guidance in developing their research proposal.

Educational Standard

1. An approved bachelor degree at a minimum level of 2nd Class Honours.

2. The College will consider applications from holders of diplomas in art or design (minimum level 2nd Class Honours or equivalent) in a field of study related to the proposed subject matter for a master's degree.

3. Applications on the basis of proven relevant work experience will be considered.

Those applying on the basis of 2 or 3 above may be required to pass a qualifying examination appropriate to each case, before being admitted to master's degree studies. Attendance at selected undergraduate lecture courses at NCAD, together with related written work, may be required.

Application date

Application Closing Dates

Please note that while there are no specific closing dates for PhD applications there are two registration dates (January and September). You are advised to submit your application in plenty of time to ensure it is processed well ahead of up coming registration dates.

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!