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Mathematics - Research

The Research activity in Mathematics at NUI Galway covers a broad range of topics spanning Algebra, Analysis, Geometry and Topology. There is a particular strength in Computational Algebra, which has led to the establishment of de Brún Centre, with a mission is to support research in broad areas of algebra and its applications.

The various research groups within the discipline of Mathematics host a wide range of workshops, seminars and graduate courses, resulting in a unique and thriving graduate research programme.

Recent graduates are now working as lecturers and postdoctoral researcher at third-level institutes. Others are working in industry, including banking and finance, and in the Meteorological Service.

Entry requirements

Candidates for the degree of PhD or MSc by research must have reached a high honours standard (minimum H2.2 [or equivalent international qualification] for an MSc) at the examination for the primary degree or presented such other evidence as will satisfy the Head of School and the College of his/her fitness.


PhD GYB46 Full Time
PhD GYB47 Part Time
MA GYB48 Full Time
MLitt GYB49 Part Time

Further enquiries

Dr. Niall Madden / Mary Kelly
Tel: +353 91 493 803 / +353 91 492 332

Research areas

Areas of interest

- Group theory including group varieties, representation theory of finite groups, associative and non-associative rings, and group rings, coding theory and cryptography.

- Computational algebra including computational homological algebra, computational group theory, computational representation theory.

- Linear and Multilinear Algebra.

- Finite Field Theory.

Analysis and Numerical Analysis:
- Functional analysis, in particular tensor products, multilinear forms, polynomials and holomorphic functions on Banach spaces.

- Non-linear analysis, including differential and integral equations, and fixed point theory.

- Numerical analysis and computational differential equations.

Geometry and Topology:
- Differential geometry and the geometry and topology of Lie groups and homogeneous spaces.

- Analytic topology and order.

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