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Microbiology - Structured

Major research themes / clusters

Research activity in Microbiology is carried out in three broad topics:

Energy and environment
Microbes are being exploited for sustainable energy generation from renewable biomass and waste, e.g., biofuel cells, anaerobic digestion.

Marine microbiology underpins the study of climate change, marine productivity and diversity. NUI Galway researchers are studying the microbes that drive geochemical nutrient cycles.

Infectious diseases
All infectious diseases are caused by microorganisms. Research focus are; infection mechanisms, food borne illnesses, antibiotic resistance and diagnostics.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to enter on a programme of study and research for the degree of PhD you must have reached a high honours standard at the examination for the primary degree or presented such evidence as will satisfy the Head of School and the College of your fitness.


Structured PhD, 4 years full-time
GYR09 Full Time

Research areas

Areas of interest

Molecular diagnostics
Host-pathogen studies
Microbial glycobiology
Microbial diversity in aquatic environment
Recombinant protein production
Deep ocean microbiology
Stress responses in food borne pathogens
Food borne pathogen epidemiology
Antibiotic and disinfectant resistance
Applied ecology and habitat management

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