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Technology Management

Technology has the capability to transform products and processes and can make a significant contribution to organisational performance, economic growth and social wellbeing. This postgraduate diploma is designed to help you manage technology and innovation more effectively and realise its potential benefits – making a real difference to your organisation and your own professional development. You’ll begin by focusing on the operational aspects of managing technological innovation and change, before engaging with a range of capabilities that are key to the development and delivery of technological innovation – applying your learning to your own context as you study. A wide range of optional modules enables you to choose a study pathway that suits your particular interests, including computing and ICT, business and management, development management and environmental management.

Key features of the course
• Provides an analytical view of strategic issues in technology management
• Equips you for senior technology management roles
• The opportunity to top up to our MSc in Technology Management in just one more year.

Entry requirements

To start this qualification, you should normally hold a UK bachelors degree (or equivalent) or have management experience in a field relevant to technology management. If you do not hold a bachelors degree, irrespective of your management experience, you will need to study a module from the Postgraduate Certificate in Technology Management (C49) to demonstrate your ability to study successfully at postgraduate level.

Your spoken and written English must be of an adequate standard for postgraduate study. If English is not your first language, we recommend that you will need a minimum overall score of 6 and minimum score of 5.5 in each of the four components: reading, writing, speaking and listening under the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Please see the IELTS website for details.


Minimum - 2 years.

Most students study this qualification over a period of between two and four years depending on how many 30-credit modules they study in a year. The minimum time to complete is two years. Because of the demands of study that the diploma will make on you, we recommend that you study no more than 60 credits at a time. There is no maximum time to complete but we cannot guarantee that the same selection of modules will continue to be available. Modules can count towards the diploma for a maximum of eight years after we have stopped presenting them.

Number of credits

120 credits

Careers or further progression

Career relevance
The technology management programme develops analytical skills and provides practically relevant knowledge that will equip you well for a variety of management and leadership roles. The competent technology manager is a highly valued professional, capable of ensuring that the organisation reaps all the potential rewards from its investment in technology of whatever type. You will develop a range of job-related and transferable skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, and the ability to cope with rapid technological change. The capabilities in research and problem-solving developed can be exploited in all professional situations at all management levels. Employers are also impressed by the commitment and determination it takes to succeed with the OU while keeping up family and work commitments. These benefits, together with the opportunities to add value by applying your learning to the workplace as you study, make technology management programmes very attractive vehicles towards success in senior management roles.

There is more information about how OU study can improve your employability in the OU’s Employability Statement from our Careers Advisory Service. You can also read or download our publication OU study and your career and look at our subject pages to find out about career opportunities.

Further enquiries

Tel: (01) 678 5399
Fax: (01) 678 5442

Subjects taught

To gain this qualification, you need 120 credits as follows:

60 credits of compulsory modules:

Compulsory modules

Credits Next start

Managing technological innovation (T848) 30 01 May 2017
Strategic capabilities for technological innovation (T849) 30 01 May 2017

Or, subject to the rules about excluded combinations, the discontinued modules T840, T846

60 credits from this list:

Optional modules

Credits Next start

Advanced routing – CCNP 1 (T824) 30 01 May 2017
Capacities for managing development (T878) 30 01 May 2017
Conflict and development (T879) 30 01 May 2017
Continuing professional development in education (U810) 30 06 May 2017
Data management (M816) 30 01 Nov 2017
Digital forensics (M812) 30 01 May 2017
Information security (M811) 30 01 Nov 2017
Managing for sustainability (T867) 30 01 May 2017
Managing systemic change: inquiry, action and interaction (TU812) 30 01 Nov 2017
Manufacture materials design (T805) 30 01 May 2017
Multilayer switching - CCNP3 (T826) 30 01 May 2017
Network security (T828)30 01 Nov 2017
Optimising networks – CCNP4 (T827) 30 01 Nov 2017
Problem solving and improvement: quality and other approaches (T889) 30 01 May 2017
Project management (M815) 30 01 May 2017
Software development (M813) 30 01 May 2017
Software engineering (M814) 30 01 Nov 2017
Thinking strategically: systems tools for managing change (TU811) 30 01 May 2017

Or, subject to the rules about excluded combinations, the discontinued modules B821, B822, B823, B824, BZX821, BZX822, BZX823, BZX824, H807, M865, M873, M876, M877, M878, M879, M881, M882, M883, M885, M886, M887, M888, M889, M891, T822, T823, T825, T834, T835, T837, T839, T850, T851, T852, T853, T862, T881, T882, T883, T890.

You should note that the University’s unique study rule applies to this qualification. This means that you must include at least 40 credits from OU modules that have not been counted in any other OU qualification that has previously been awarded to you.


On completion
On successful completion of the required modules, you can be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Management entitling you to use the letters PGD (Tech Mgmt) (Open) after your name.

You may continue your studies and add a further 60 credits to your postgraduate diploma to gain an MSc in Technology Management (F36).

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