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Philosophy - Licentiate in Philosophy

The Licentiate in Philosophy (PhL) is a full-time Level 9 Award. It is a specialised licentiate in the systematic study of Philosophy.

In order to be admitted to the Licenciate in Philosophy (LPh) a candidate shall have followed, and taken the examinations in, the required postgraduate courses over two years and submitted a dissertation that demonstrates ability for scientific study in philosophy.

Successful candidates for the MA (Mode 2) examination in the Faculty of Philosophy, Maynooth University, may also be admitted to the Licentiate. They are required in addition to present a Minor Thesis, on a separate topic from the MA thesis but of comparable length. The thesis should focus on an area of Christian philosophy. Prospective candidates should contact the Philosophy Office by the end of January of their degree year.

Entry requirements

• Applicants whose mother-tongue is not English should provide evidence of possessing the necessary level of English, both written and spoken. The requirements correspond to the standards demanded by Maynooth University.
• Applicants should provide certificates to establish that they have received a Baccalaureate or Bachelor's degree in Philosophy institution. Students who have done their philosophical studies in a civil Faculty of Philosophy can only be admitted if their preparation meets the requirements for an Ecclesiastical Faculty of Philosophy. Where a deficiency exists, certain modules must be taken to satisfy the ecclesiastical undergraduate requirement.
• Applicants must normally have been awarded at least an upper second or equivalent in their Bachelor's degree in Philosopy
• Applicants should provide a letter of recommendation showing evidence of their character and integrity. In the case of seminarians or priests, this letter should be provided by their Ordinary or College Rector; in the case of religious or consecrated persons, this should be provided by their Superior or Study Director; in the case of lay students, this should be provided by an ecclesiastical person who knows the candidate well.
• Applicants should provide a personal statement accompanying their application, in which they provide reasons for applying to study for a Licentiate, the prior preparation (undergraduate study) and skills (e.g. knowledge of philosophy, organizational and critical thinking abilities, etc.) they possess, and the goals they have, including both short-terms aims for the programme, and long-term goals for their work after the proposed degree.
• Applicants should undergo an interview with two members of staff, which will normally be based on the personal statement they have submitted as well as upon their academic history.
• Applicants should provide evidence that they have a funding plan for their studies.


1 year full-time.

Further enquiries

St. Patrick's College
Co. Kildare
W23 TW77
+353 (0)1 708 3600

Subjects taught

Programme of Study
Candidates are required to follow, and take examinations in, the required postgraduate courses over two years and submit a dissertation that demonstrates an ability for systematic study in philosophy. Candidates must complete at least nine graduate Modules, and a minor dissertation, the topic of which must be first approved by the director and reader of the dissertation. Modules are chosen from the suite of modules available at the appropriate level (Level 9/10) through the Faculties of Philosophy and Theology at the Pontifical University, and the Department of Philosophy, Maynooth University. The Programme of Study must be arranged in consultation with the Dean of Philosophy.

Application date

Application Deadline: 12th June 2020
Late applications may be considered from those living on the island of Ireland and from the EU.

Enrolment and start dates

Course Start Date: September 2020

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!