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Organisational & Management Processes

Organisational and Management Processes
The module is an introduction to a vast and multifaceted area of enquiry. The module will examine theories of organisation and their application and usefulness to schools and educational and training organisations, organisational communication, organisational structure, hierarchy, collegiality, cultures, motivation, morale, authority, power, political behaviour and conflict and organisational change. These perspectives are universal features of organisational life. An understanding of these perspectives is important to becoming an effective manager/leader.

Entry requirements

Level 8 Undergraduate Degree (H2.2) or equivalent. For students without the relevant academic qualification but with relevant previous experience, recognition for prior learning can be awarded.


1 Semester (12 weeks).

Number of credits


Further enquiries

Education Department
St. Angela’s College
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T: 071 919 5550/ 071/ 580


Module Structure
All on-line modules have a weighting of 15 ECTS. All modules are completed within one semester.

Students may wish to exit with one standalone module or Postgraduate Certificate (completion of two modules or 30 ECTS), Postgraduate Diploma (completion of four modules or 60 ECTS).

Participants may also progress to MA level on successful completion of three modules or 45 ECTS.

Assessment method

Module Assessment
Assessment is continuous, with each module assessed independently through e-tivities, discussion boards and a written assignment or equivalent.

For those who opt not to be assessed, participants may audit a module or modules and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Enrolment and start dates

Intake: Normally, every second year.

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