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Religious Education

St Mary’s University College, supported by the Catholic community in Northern Ireland, seeks to ensure that there will be an adequate supply of Catholic teachers competent to assist parents who choose to raise their children according to the principles of Catholic education.

The College offers a Certificate in Religious Education. This course, for student teachers, may be taken in addition to the BEd and PGCE.

The Certificate comprises three main elements:
• lectures which focus on key issues in biblical studies, theology and catechetics,

• tutorials which familiarise students with the RE programmes in use in schools and assist them with preparing teaching materials for the teaching of RE in schools,

• supervision and direction of students by members of the RE department during periods of school‑based work.

The Certificate in Religious Education is validated by Church Authority. All those seeking appointment to a permanent teaching position in a maintained Catholic primary school in Northern Ireland will require this certificate or its equivalent.

Further enquiries

St Mary’s University College
191 Falls Road
N. Ireland
BT12 6FE
Telephone +44 (0) 28 9032 7678
Fax +44 (0) 28 9033 3719

Application date

Application Procedures
All applications must be made directly to the College as St Mary’s is not a member of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

To apply, go online to or contact:

The Academic Registry
St Mary’s University College
191 Falls Road
BT12 6FE
Tel: (+44) 028 9026 8320

The College website is regularly updated with relevant admissions information.

Course fee

Tuition Fees
All full-time and part-time students will be charged tuition fees. This includes PGCE students. For students who are Northern Ireland domiciled these are currently £3,925 per year and are normally subject to an annual inflationary uplift. A student will be liable for the full tuition fee at the point of enrolment and registration. This includes a non-refundable element of 25% of the calculated tuition fee.

Tuition Fee Loan
Students may defer their fees by applying for a Tuition Fee Loan of currently up to a maximum of £3,925 or pay the full fee directly to the College or a combination of taking out a fee loan for part of the fees, and paying the rest directly to the College.

A single application form PN1 is used for applying for a fee loan, loans for living costs and maintenance grants and the St Mary’s College Bursary.

Students can apply online or download an application form via the Student Finance Northern Ireland website

Once applications have been assessed, the local branch of Student Finance NI will send the student a Student Notification which will include details of the amount of fee loan the student has requested.

Payment Options
Students who do not avail of the fee loan can pay their fees in one of two ways:
• Direct Debit – students can complete a direct debit authorisation which spreads the fee due over six months from December to May.

• Cash or Cheques – students who do not complete a direct debit authorisation will receive one invoice in November for the full amount, which will be payable within 30 days.

EU Students Non-UK EU Students, including students from the Republic of Ireland, can defer their fees by applying for a fee loan of currently up to a maximum of £3,925.

The application is essentially the same as the system for applying for fee loans and other support. EU students may also be eligible for a College Bursary. This will be dependent on the level of their household income. EU students should contact the Student Loan Company EU team by telephoning 0141 243 3570 in Darlington for advice. For maintenance support EU students should contact their local county council.

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!