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Theological Studies

The M.Th. offers a distinctive learning experience based on the integration of the fields of theology, biblical studies and Christian practice. Students will engage critically with the intellectual challenges of ministry through the study of key themes in biblical, theological and ministerial studies. The course is thus framed around a clear interaction between both theory and practice and across a variety of areas of ministerial formation. The M.Th. aims to maintain a rigorous academic core whilst also broadening the scope of content and assessment to include professional application.

Entry requirements

All candidates will be required to successfully complete the Foundation Course. In addition candidates will have either:
• An Honors Degree in Theology or another discipline
• an appropriate qualification and at least 3 year’s ministerial experience or equivalent professional experience
• otherwise satisfy the Course Admissions Committee that they have the ability to complete and benefit from the course. In exceptional circumstances candidates may be required to submit a further piece of written work for assessment by the School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology.
• Candidates will apply in the first instance to the CITI and applications will be considered by a joint Course Admissions Committee.


DPTRE-THES-1P09: 3 years part-time (MThol) or
DPTRE-THES-2P09: 6 years part-time (MTheol)

This course is offered only in the part-time mode, with two options: Mode A which runs for three years and Mode B which runs for 6 years (however students may change mode after 2 or 4 years subject to permission from course director).

Further enquiries

Subjects taught

Course Content: Please note that the course is currently under review in advance of being restructured.
The Bible and its Interpretation Texts and Communities in Context – Old
Testament/ Hebrew Bible
• Texts and Communities in Context – New Testament
• Communities of Interpretation – To the Enlightenment Period
• Communities of Interpretation – In the Modern Period and in the Church Today
• Theological Reflection and Christian Identity
• Christian Thinking About God
• Jesus the Christ
• Cosmology, Anthropology and the Church
• Theology and Ethics
• Christian Practice in Church and Society Mission
• Culture and Social Context
• Pastoral Studies
• Liturgy, Worship and Spirituality
• Anglican Studies in an Irish Context
• Church Leadership Practice and Practicalities

Elective Modules: Students take a total of one of three elective modules.
• Ministry for Reconciliation
• Church History
• Developing New Communities of Faith

Co-requisite Modules: these modules are part of the ministry portfolio and are assessed by means of both written submission and an oral examination.
• Spirituality
• Ministerial Formation

Assessment method

Candidates are assessed by a combination of course work, ministry portfolio and dissertation.

Application date

Closing Date: 30th May 2017
How to Apply
Candidates should apply in the first instance to the Church
of Ireland Theological Institute, Braemor Park, Dublin 14.

Enrolment and start dates

Start Date: September 2017

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!