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The Master of Architecture is for students who wish to develop further knowledge and master a range of skills at postgraduate level in architecture. In the ever changing professional and industry landscapes, the Master of Architecture programme at the Dublin School of Architecture provides students with advanced knowledge and expertise to be agile professionals with an emphasis on the architect as practitioner, as researcher, and as educator. These three modes of practice are highly complementary in the field of architecture, and require common skillsets. The capacity to act in a leadership role and exercise critical judgment in a multi-disciplinary environment in the review of an architectural idea, for example, is central to this multivalent practice, whether it takes place in an architecture office, a teaching studio, a conference environment, a cultural or political forum or an architectural archive. Graduates often find that they straddle these modes of practice at different points in their career, and will increasingly do so as the architectural profession continues to develop outside of its traditional role. Therefore, the Master of Architecture programme is designed to emphasise skills and knowledge in the areas of architectural practice, architectural research, and architectural education in its broadest sense.

Our Master of Architecture programme is uniquely structured in that it offers participants a post-graduate professional degree in architecture which enables them to go on directly to PhD studies or practice as a graduate architect. The programme is a Level 9 Major Award under the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) with a one and half year duration of full time study (or up to one full time and one year part time study during the final semester). It comprises a total of 90 ECTS. The programme is largely studio based, comprising a core Design Studio in each semester of 20 ECTS and forms a continuum throughout the three semesters. The remaining modules which support the Design Studio learning and overall learning experience are in the areas of Research, Professional Studies, Theory, and Building Performance.

Entry requirements

The Master of Architecture programme increases DIT's progression offering to existing students from the Bachelor of Architecture (internally). It also offers a variety of entry routes into the programme to external national and international applicants from other Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture programmes having completed a minimum of 4 years full time study into Semester 1.

The Master of Architecture programme is open to a variety of candidate types from undergraduate accredited professional architectural programmes. We recognise that there is a broad range of professionally accredited undergraduate architecture programmes which could lead to further study at Masters level. Therefore, to offer clarity for applicants before applying to our Master of Architecture programme, we have established specific entry criteria and admissions requirements under each category as it relates to their undergraduate study in Table 1: M Arch Programme Applicants (see table under Entry Req. in course webpage - link below).


Programme Code: DT9101 (FT)/ DT9100 (PT)
Full Time - 1 1/2 Years
Full Time (Advanced Entry only) - half Year
Part Time (Advanced Entry only) - 1 Year

There are 12 teaching weeks, 1 review week, and two exam weeks in each semester.

Further enquiries

For further information

Jennifer Boyer
Dublin School of Architecture
College of Engineering & Built Environment
DIT Bolton Street Dublin 1
T: 01 402 4076

E: - for general enquiries

Subjects taught

Semester 1

Collaborative Design Practice Studio 20 ECTs
Research Methods 5 ECTs
Whole Life Design 5 ECTs

Semester 2

Advanced Architectural Design Studio 20 ECTs
Roles in the Professional Context 5 ECTs
Architecture & Culture 5 ECTs

Semester 3
Architectural Design Research Studio 20 ECTs

Research Studies 5 ECTs

Elective Options 5 ECTs

Master of Architecture - Advanced Entry, Full Time (DT9101) + Part time Programme (DT9100)

Semester 1

Architectural Design Research Studio 20 ECTs
Research Methods 5 ECTs
Research Studies 5 ECTs


Qualification Awarded: Master of Architecture (postgraduate Level 9 degree)

Location: Dublin School of Architecture, College of Engineering and Built Environment, Linenhall, DIT Bolton Street, Dublin 1

Assessment method


All modules are assessed through assignments (including design studio projects).

Some modules other than Design Studio have seminar components – Architecture & Culture and Research Studies. Assignments in these components may be set to coordinate with the Design Studio and form integrated elements within the studio project. These are called 'integrated' assignments. The outcomes required in the integrated assignments are determined by the relevant module co-ordinators and are assessed in both modules.

Some assignments are more suited to stand alone assessments. Where assignments have no direct connection to studio they are called 'parallel' assignments. The nature and content of some theory modules and some components of theory modules make a written end of semester examination more appropriate.

Application date

Closing Date: The general closing date is 30th April 2019. Please note that late applications may be accepted subject to availability.

Enrolment and start dates

Start Date:
January 2019 and September 2019

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