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Arts Celtic Studies & Social Sciences - Research - PhD - Track

Entry requirements

Academic requirements: Students need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2.H1 (second class honours, grade 1) before being considered to study as a PhD or research masters in University College Cork. Although students generally choose a topic for their research from their degree discipline you are not restricted to your primary degree subjects.

Further enquiries

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, call us on + 353 (0)21 490 2876 or email and we'll do our best to help.

Contact Details for Application Queries

Irish/EU applicants
Deirdre Daly
Graduate Studies Office
University College Cork
Tel: +353 (0)21 490 3241

International/non-EU applicants
International Office
University College Cork
Tel: +353 (0) 21 490 4745

Research areas

CKG01 PhD (Track) - Latin (Full-Time)
CKG02 PhD (Track) - Latin (Part-Time)
CKG03 PhD (Track) - Greek (Full-Time)
CKG04 PhD (Track) - Greek (Part-Time)
CKG05 PhD (Track) - Greek & Roman Civilisation (Full-Time)
CKG06 PhD (Track) - Greek & Roman Civilisation (Part-Time)
CKG07 PhD (Track) - Applied Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKG08 PhD (Track) - Applied Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKG11 PhD (Track) - Applied Psychology (Full-Time)
CKG12 PhD (Track) - Applied Psychology (Part-Time)
CKG13 PhD (Track) - Applied Social Studies (Full-Time)
CKG14 PhD (Track) - Applied Social Studies (Part-Time)
CKG15 PhD (Track) - Archaeology (Full-Time)
CKG16 PhD (Track) - Archaeology (Part-Time)
CKG17 PhD (Track) - Folklore (Full-Time)
CKG18 PhD (Track) - Folklore (Part-Time)
CKG19 PhD (Track) - Computer Studies (Full-Time)
CKG20 PhD (Track) - Computer Studies (Part-Time)
CKG21 PhD (Track) - Celtic Civilisation (Full-Time)
CKG22 PhD (Track) - Celtic Civilisation (Part-Time)
CKG23 PhD (Track) - Early and Medieval Irish (Full-Time)
CKG24 PhD (Track) - Early and Medieval Irish (Part-Time)
CKG25 PhD (Track) - Economics (Full-Time)
CKG26 PhD (Track) - Economics (Part-Time)
CKG27 PhD (Track) - Education (Full-Time)
CKG28 PhD (Track) - Education (Part-Time)
CKG29 PhD (Track) - English (Full-Time)
CKG30 PhD (Track) - English (Part-Time)
CKG31 PhD (Track) - French (Full-Time)
CKG32 PhD (Track) - French (Part-Time)
CKG33 PhD (Track) - Geography (Full-Time)
CKG34 PhD (Track) - Geography (Part-Time)
CKG35 PhD (Track) - German (Full-Time)
CKG36 PhD (Track) - German (Part-Time)
CKG37 PhD (Track) - Hispanic Studies (Full-Time)
CKG38 PhD (Track) - Hispanic Studies (Part-Time)
CKG39 PhD (Track) - History of Art (Full-Time)
CKG40 PhD (Track) - History of Art (Part-Time)
CKG41 PhD (Track) - History (Full-Time)
CKG42 PhD (Track) - History (Part-Time)
CKG43 PhD (Track) - Italian (Full-Time)
CKG44 PhD (Track) - Italian (Part-Time)
CKG45 PhD (Track) - Mathematical Studies (Full-Time)
CKG46 PhD (Track) - Mathematical Studies (Part-Time)
CKG47 PhD (Track) - Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKG48 PhD (Track) - Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKG49 PhD (Track) - Modern Irish (Full-Time)
CKG50 PhD (Track) - Modern Irish (Part-Time)
CKG51 PhD (Track) - Music (Full-Time)
CKG52 PhD (Track) - Music (Part-Time)
CKG53 PhD (Track) - Philosophy (Full-Time)
CKG54 PhD (Track) - Philosophy (Part-Time)
CKG55 PhD (Track) - Sociology (Full-Time)
CKG56 PhD (Track) - Sociology (Part-Time)
CKG57 PhD (Track) - Statistics (Full-Time)
CKG58 PhD (Track) - Statistics (Part-Time)
CKG59 PhD (Track) - An Leann Duchais (Full-Time)
CKG60 PhD (Track) - An Leann Duchais (Part-Time)
CKG63 PhD (Track) - European Studies (Full-Time)
CKG64 PhD (Track) - European Studies (Part-Time)
CKG65 PhD (Track) - Original Composition (Full-Time)
CKG66 PhD (Track) - Original Composition (Part-Time)
CKG67 PhD (Track) - Drama & Theatre Studies (Full-Time)
CKG68 PhD (Track) - Drama & Theatre Studies (Part-Time)
CKG69 PhD (Track) - Chinese Studies (Full-Time)
CKG70 PhD (Track) - Chinese Studies (Part-Time)
CKG71 PhD (Track) - Accounting (Full-Time)
CKG72 PhD (Track) - Accounting (Part-Time)
CKG73 PhD (Track) - Finance (Full-Time)
CKG74 PhD (Track) - Finance (Part-Time)
CKG75 PhD (Track) - Management Information Systems (Full-Time)
CKG76 PhD (Track) - Management Information Systems (Part-Time)
CKG77 PhD (Track) - Economics (Full-Time)
CKG78 PhD (Track) - Economics (Part-Time)
CKG79 PhD (Track) - Food Business & Development (Full-Time)
CKG80 PhD (Track) - Food Business & Development (Part-Time)
CKG81 PhD (Track) - Government (Full-Time)
CKG82 PhD (Track) - Government (Part-Time)
CKG83 PhD (Track) - Management and Marketing (Full-Time)
CKG84 PhD (Track) - Management and Marketing (Part-Time)
CKG87 PhD Track - Study of Religions (Full-Time)
CKG88 PhD Track - Study of Religions (Part-Time)
CKG89 PhD (Track) - Politics (Full-Time)
CKG90 PhD (Track) - Politics (Part-Time)
CKG91 PhD Track - Policy Studies (Full-Time)
CKG92 PhD Track - Policy Studies (Part-Time)
CKG93 PhD Track (Arts) - Sociology and Philosophy (Full-Time)
CKG94 PhD Track (Arts) Sociology and Philosophy (Part-Time)
CKG95 PhD (Track) - (Arts)) - Creative Writing (Full-Time)
CKG96 PhD (Track) - (Arts)) - Creative Writing (Part-Time)
CKG97 PhD (Track) - (Arts) - Criminology (Full-Time)
CKG98 PhD (Track) - (Arts) - Criminology (Part-Time)

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