Arts Celtic Studies & Social Sciences - Research - PhD

Entry requirements

PhD applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H1 (second class honours, grade 1) to apply.

Further enquiries

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, call us on + 353 (0)21 490 2876 or email and we'll do our best to help.

Contact Details for Application Queries

Irish/EU applicants
Deirdre Daly
Graduate Studies Office
University College Cork
Tel: +353 (0)21 490 3241

International/non-EU applicants
International Office
University College Cork
Tel: +353 (0) 21 490 4745

Research areas

CKH01 PhD (Arts) - Latin (Full-Time)
CKH02 PhD (Arts) - Latin (Part-Time)
CKH03 PhD (Arts) - Greek (Full-Time)
CKH04 PhD (Arts) - Greek (Part-Time)
CKH05 PhD (Arts) - Greek & Roman Civilisation (Full-Time)
CKH06 PhD (Arts) - Greek & Roman Civilisation (Part-Time)
CKH07 PhD (Arts) - Applied Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKH08 PhD (Arts) - Applied Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKH10 PhD in Text, Contexts and Cultures (Full-Time)
CKH11 PhD (Arts) - Applied Psychology (Full-Time)
CKH12 PhD (Arts) - Applied Psychology (Part-Time)
CKH13 PhD (Arts) - Applied Social Studies (Full-Time)
CKH14 PhD (Arts) - Applied Social Studies (Part-Time)
CKH15 PhD (Arts) - Archaeology (Full-Time)
CKH16 PhD (Arts) - Archaeology (Part-Time)
CKH17 PhD (Arts) - Folklore (Full-Time)
CKH18 PhD (Arts) - Folklore (Part-Time)
CKH19 PhD (Arts) - Computer Studies (Full-Time)
CKH20 PhD (Arts) - Computer Studies (Part-Time)
CKH21 PhD (Arts) - Celtic Civilisation (Full-Time)
CKH22 PhD (Arts) - Celtic Civilisation (Part-Time)
CKH23 PhD (Arts) - Early & Medieval Irish (Full-Time)
CKH24 PhD (Arts) - Early & Medieval Irish (Part-Time)
CKH25 PhD (Arts) - Economics (Full-Time)
CKH26 PhD (Arts) - Economics (Part-Time)
CKH27 PhD (Arts) - Education (Full-Time)
CKH28 PhD (Arts) - Education (Part-Time)
CKH29 PhD (Arts) - English (Full-Time)
CKH30 PhD (Arts) - English (Part-Time)
CKH31 PhD (Arts) - French (Full-Time)
CKH32 PhD (Arts) - French (Part-Time)
CKH33 PhD (Arts) - Geography (Full-Time)
CKH34 PhD (Arts) - Geography (Part-Time)
CKH35 PhD (Arts) - German (Full-Time)
CKH36 PhD (Arts) - German (Part-Time)
CKH37 PhD (Arts) - Film and Screen Media (Full-Time)
CKH38 PhD (Arts) - Film and Screen Media (Part-Time)
CKH39 PhD (Arts) - Hispanic Studies (Full-Time)
CKH40 PhD (Arts) - Hispanic Studies (Part-Time)
CKH41 PhD (Arts) - History of Art (Full-Time)
CKH42 PhD (Arts) - History of Art (Part-Time)
CKH43 PhD (Arts) - History (Full-Time)
CKH44 PhD (Arts) - History (Part-Time)
CKH45 PhD (Arts) - Italian (Full-Time)
CKH46 PhD (Arts) - Italian (Part-Time)
CKH47 PhD (Arts) - Mathematical Studies (Full-Time)
CKH48 PhD (Arts) - Mathematical Studies (Part-Time)
CKH49 PhD (Arts) - Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKH50 PhD (Arts) - Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKH51 PhD (Arts) - Modern Irish (Full-Time)
CKH52 PhD (Arts) - Modern Irish (Part-Time)
CKH53 PhD (Arts) - Music (Full-Time)
CKH54 PhD (Arts) - Music (Part-Time)
CKH55 PhD (Arts) - Philosophy (Full-Time)
CKH56 PhD (Arts) - Philosophy (Part-Time)
CKH57 PhD (Arts) - Sociology (Full-Time)
CKH58 PhD (Arts) - Sociology (Part-Time)
CKH59 PhD (Arts) - Statistics (Full-Time)
CKH60 PhD (Arts) - Statistics (Part-Time)
CKH61 PhD (Arts) - Womens Studies (Full-Time)
CKH62 PhD (Arts) - Womens Studies (Part-Time)
CKH63 PhD (Arts) - An Leann Duchais (Full-Time)
CKH64 PhD (Arts) - An Leann Duchais (Part-Time)
CKH65 PhD (Arts) - Criminology (Full-Time)
CKH66 PhD (Arts) - Criminology (Part-Time)
CKH67 PhD (Arts) - European Studies (Full-Time)
CKH68 PhD (Arts) - European Studies (Part-Time)
CKH69 PhD (Arts) - Original Composition (Full-Time)
CKH70 PhD (Arts) - Original Composition (Part-Time)
CKH71 Doctorate of Social Science (Full-Time)
CKH72 PhD (Arts) - Drama & Theatre Studies (Full-Time)
CKH73 PhD (Arts) - Drama & Theatre Studies (Part-Time)
CKH75 PhD (Arts) - Chinese Studies (Full-Time)
CKH76 PhD (Arts) - Chinese Studies (Part-Time)
CKH78 Cohort PhD in Education (Structured) (Full-Time)
CKH79 PhD - Study of Religions (Full-Time)
CKH80 PhD - Study of Religions (Part-Time)
CKH81 PhD (Arts) Social Science - GREP (Full-Time)
CKH82 PhD (Arts) - Politics (Full-Time)
CKH83 PhD (Arts) - Politics (Part-Time)
CKH84 PhD in Policy Studies (Full-Time)
CKH85 PhD in Policy Studies (Part-Time)
CKH86 PhD (Arts) - Sociology and Philosophy (Full-Time)
CKH87 PhD (Arts) - Sociology and Philosophy (Part-Time)
CKH88 PhD (Arts) Digital Arts and Humanities (Structured) (Full-Time)
CKH89 PhD (Arts) Digital Arts & Humanities (Structured) (Part-Time)
CKH90 PhD (Arts) Social Science - GREP (Part-Time)
CKH91 PhD (Arts) Social Work (Full-Time)
CKH92 PhD (Arts) Social Work (Part-Time)
CKH93 PhD (Arts) Creative Writing (Full-Time)
CKH94 PhD (Arts) Creative Writing (Part-Time)
CKH95 PhD (Arts) Film and Screen Media (Creative Practice) (Full-Time)
CKH96 PhD (Arts) Film and Screen Media (Creative Practice) (Part-Time)
CKH97 PhD (Arts) - Creative Performance (Full-Time)
CKH98 PhD (Arts) - Creative Performance (Part-Time)
CKH99 Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Full-Time)

CKT61 PhD (Arts) in Planning and Sustainable Development (Full-Time)
CKT62 PhD(Arts) in Planning and Sustainable Development (Part-Time)
CKT63 PhD (Arts) Applied Linguistics (Full-Time)

CKT68 PHD (Arts) Social Sciences (Full-Time)
CKT69 PHD (Arts) Social Sciences (Part-Time)

CKV41 PhD (Track) - Creative Writing (Full-Time)
CKV42 PhD (Track) Creative Writing (Part-Time)
CKV43 PhD - Creative Practice (Full-Time)
CKV44 PhD - Creative Practice (Part-Time)
CKV45 Phd (Track) - Creative Practice (Full-Time)
CKV46 PhD (Track) - Creative Practice (Part-Time)

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