Medicine & Health - Masters - Research

Entry requirements

Master by Research applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H2 (second class honours, grade 2) to apply.

Further enquiries

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, call us on + 353 (0)21 490 2876 or email and we'll do our best to help.

Contact Details for Application Queries

Irish/EU applicants
Deirdre Daly
Graduate Studies Office
University College Cork
Tel: +353 (0)21 490 3241

International/non-EU applicants
International Office
University College Cork
Tel: +353 (0) 21 490 4745

Research areas

CKY01 MSc (Medicine) - Medicine (Full-Time)
CKY02 MSc (Medicine) - Medicine (Part-Time)
CKY04 MSc Nursing (Research Mode) (Full-Time)
CKY05 MSc (MIDWIFERY) (Research Mode) (Full-Time)
CKY06 MCh - Master of Surgery (Full-Time)
CKY07 MCh - Master of Surgery (Part-Time)
CKY08 MDS - Oral Health and Development (Full-Time)
CKY09 MDS - Oral Health and Development (Part-Time)
CKY10 MSc (Medicine) - Anatomy (Full-Time)
CKY11 MSc (Medicine) - Anatomy (Part-Time)
CKY12 MSc (Medicine)- Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (Full-Time)
CKY13 MSc (Medicine) - Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (Part-Time)
CKY14 MSc (Medicine) - Epidemiology & Public Health (Full-Time)
CKY15 MSc (Medicine) - Epidemiology & Public Health (Part-Time)
CKY16 MSc (Medicine) - General Practice (Full-Time)
CKY17 MSc (Medicine) - General Practice (Part-Time)
CKY18 MSc (Medicine) - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Full-Time)
CKY19 MSc (Medicine) - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Part-Time)
CKY20 MSc (Medicine) - Paediatrics and Child Health (Full-Time)
CKY21 MSc (Medicine) - Paediatrics and Child Health (Part-Time)
CKY22 MSc (Medicine) - Pathology (Full-Time)
CKY23 MSc (Medicine) - Pathology (Part-Time)
CKY24 MSc (Medicine) - Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Full-Time)
CKY25 MSc (Medicine) - Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Part-Time)
CKY26 MSc (Medicine) - Physiology (Full-Time)
CKY27 MSc (Medicine) - Physiology (Part-Time)
CKY28 MSc (Medicine) - Psychiatry (Full-Time)
CKY29 MSc (Medicine) - Psychiatry (Part-Time)
CKY30 MSc (Medicine) - Surgery (Full-Time)
CKY31 MSc (Medicine) - Surgery (Part-Time)
CKY32 MAO (Full-Time)
CKY33 MAO (Part-Time)
CKY34 MDS - Dental Surgery (Full-Time)
CKY35 MDS - Dental Surgery (Part-Time)
CKY36 MDS - Restorative Dentistry (Full-Time)
CKY37 MDS - Restorative Dentistry (Part-Time)
CKY38 MSC (Pharmacy) - Clinical Pharmacy/Pharmacy Practice (Full-Time)
CKY39 MSC (Pharmacy) - Clinical Pharmacy/Pharmacy Practice (Part-Time)
CKY40 MSC (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Full-Time)
CKY41 MSC (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Part-Time)
CKY42 MSC (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutics (Full-Time)
CKY43 MSC (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutics (Part-Time)
CKY44 MSC (Pharmacy) - Pharmacology (Full-Time)
CKY45 MSC (Pharmacy) - Pharmacology (Part-Time)
CKY46 MSC (Medicine) - Occupational Therapy (Full-Time)
CKY47 MSC (Medicine) - Occupational Therapy (Part-Time)
CKY48 MSc (Medicine) - Speech and Hearing Sciences (Full-Time)
CKY49 MSc (Medicine) - Speech and Hearing Sciences (Part-Time)
CKY50 MSC in Nursing and Midwifery (Part-Time)
CKY51 MSc (Medicine) - Neuroscience (Full-Time)
CKY52 MSc (Medicine) - Neuroscience (Part-Time)
CKY53 MSc (Medicine) Health Professions Education (Full-Time)
CKY54 MSc (Medicine) Physiotherapy (Full-Time)

CKZ37 MD - Pharmacy (Full-Time)
CKZ38 MD - Pharmacy (Part-Time)
CKZ39 MD (Medicine) - Anatomy (Full-Time)
CKZ40 MD (Medicine) - Anatomy (Part-Time)
CKZ41 MD - Anaesthesia (Full-Time)
CKZ42 MD - Anaesthesia (Part-Time)
CKZ43 MD - Epidemiology & Public Health (Full-Time)
CKZ44 MD - Epidemiology & Public Health (Part-Time)
CKZ45 MD - General Practice (Full-Time)
CKZ46 MD - General Practice (Part-Time)
CKZ47 MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Full-Time)
CKZ48 MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Part-Time)
CKZ49 MD - Paediatrics (Full-Time)
CKZ50 MD - Paediatrics (Part-Time)
CKZ51 MD - Pathology (Full-Time)
CKZ52 MD - Pathology (Part-Time)
CKZ53 MD - Pharmacology (Full-Time)
CKZ54 MD - Pharmacology (Part-Time)
CKZ55 MD - Physiology (Full-Time)
CKZ56 MD - Physiology (Part-Time)
CKZ57 MD - Psychiatry (Full-Time)
CKZ58 MD - Psychiatry (Part-Time)
CKZ59 MD - Surgery (Full-Time)
CKZ60 MD - Surgery (Part-Time)

CKZ83 MD (Medicine) - Neuroscience (Full-Time)
CKZ84 MD (Medicine) - Neuroscience (Part-Time)
CKZ85 MRes - in Health Professions Education (Full-Time)
CKZ86 MRES - in Health Professions Education (Part-Time)

CKZ92 MSc (Medicine) Diagnostic Radiography (Full-Time)
CKZ93 MSc (Medicine) Diagnostic Radiography (Part-Time)

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