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Management Consultancy

Programme Overview

The MSc in Management Consultancy provides a detailed understanding of the consulting industry - how it works, its dominant players, key success factors and the management issues that drive it, how and when to use different consulting tools and methodologies, how to write a consulting proposal and other key skills needed to be a successful management consultant. Guest speakers from the consulting industry, including recent course graduates, provide additional insight and expertise.

As part of the course, students work directly with companies, completing Company Clinics with SMEs in Semester 1, and a live consulting project for a client company in Semester 2.

The ideal candidates of this course are graduates in business or economics keen to pursue a career in the highly competitive and increasingly global management consulting industry.

A part-time format has been especially designed in order to help professionals pursue studies without having to interrupt their career.

What will I learn?

Successful completion of the course will provide graduates with knowledge of four main areas of management consultancy – how it functions, the key operators, the factors for success, and the management issues driving the industry.

The successful application of the various existing consulting tools and methods, both from an operational and strategic perspective, as well as the requisite skills to succeed within the profession.

In the summer term, students can complete a research project, or in a small number of cases, choose from a limited number of possible internships. With any possible internship opportunity, students may have to go through a competitive process, including potential interviews.

Acquisition of the techniques needed to solve problems and boost performance within businesses, as already applied by leading practitioners within the field.

The carefully-constructed curriculum aims to instil a varied and constructive approach to business problem-solving within students, making them highly sought-after for recruiters upon graduation.

1.Wide-ranging course content, designed to train students in not only understanding management principles but also making their own diagnoses and applying strategy in light of their findings.

2.The chance to apply knowledge is offered before completion of the course via a one-on-one consulting project conducted in tandem with a client company.

3.Graduates of the course regularly secure managerial and consulting positions in highly-reputed companies such as Accenture, PwC, Deloitte, BearingPoint and IBM.

Vision Values Statement
The MSc in Management Consultancy focuses on the nature of the management consulting industry, and its value as an enabler of organisations. In particular, the course examines and develops the role of the management consultant, the nature of client-consultant interaction, and the specific techniques used in a consultancy project to ensure the delivery of a successful project outcome. By completing live consulting projects for clients, students learn about the reality of the management consulting process at first hand (Purpose).

Embedded in the values of the programme are action learning enhanced by live business projects in all three semesters, combined with academic subjects relevant to consulting such as Organisational Behaviour, Change Management, Project Management and Strategy; and a balance of academic and practical teaching and learning strategies: lectures, case studies, guest speakers, project workshops, plus independent learning (education and subject/discipline/professional values).

The programme involves participative, interactive classes combined with experiential and action-based learning that fosters the development of professional presentation, communication, proposal and report-writing, and interpersonal skills; and a focus on analysis, project management and relationship-building skills (the nature of the learning environment for students). Students will undertake group and individual assessments; critical thinking and reflection; autonomous student learning; opportunities to learn from peers; student presentations; thinking reflectively; and interaction with business clients (key approaches to teaching, learning and assessment).

Programme Goal 1: Provide participants with an understanding of what management consultancy is and how it can benefit client organisations

Programme Learning Outcomes:
Explain and critically evaluate the role of management consultants in advising business and governments on achieving increased economic efficiency.

Assess the options available for management consultancy operations.

Programme Goal 2: Introduce participants to the tools and techniques used by management consultants.

Obtain practical experience in managing a consultancy assignment through the experience and learning gained during the project process.

Use the theory from all MSc subjects in a practical setting.

Programme Goal 3: Examine the research and investigative techniques used in the consulting process.

Apply research and investigating techniques suitable to consulting situations.

Provide students with a possible basis for dissertation research.

Programme Goal 4: Help students to directly experience the issues relevant to the business environment.

Display the skills required to undertake management consulting projects.

Develop time and project management skills, plus key interpersonal skills, including team management and client management.

Entry requirements

Please review the entry requirements below. The UCD Smurfit Admissions Office staff have expertise in reviewing international qualifications from around the world and will be able to assess your application's comparability to the Irish entry requirement.

Suitable for students with an undergraduate degree in Business, Economics or Engineering, although other backgrounds may be considered in some cases.
A primary degree with a minimum of three years' relevant work experience.

If English is not your first language, an english language qualification is required for admission to all of our programmes. the exception to this rule is if you have completed your primary degree or an entire third level qualification through english, in an english speaking country.

Some students might have to get a student visa in order to come and study in Ireland. Please check the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services website to see if you require a visa.


12 Months Full-Time
24 Months Part-Time

Careers or further progression

Career opportunities

Our graduates can be found in global organisations across a number of industries, from financial services to fashion.

In 2016, 97% of our graduates from this programme were employed after 6 months across a range of industry sectors. (Source: First Destination Report 2016)

Potential careers for our graduates include:
•Management Consultant
•Technology Consultant
•Product Manager
•Project Manager
•Business Development
•Corporate Sales Developer

Further enquiries

Contact details
+353 1 716 8934

Subjects taught

Whether taking the course on a full-time basis or part-time via classes during the working day, students must complete a blend of core and option modules (6 + 1), as well as a consulting project with a client company.

In the summer term, students must complete one core module and can select to complete a research project or in a small number of cases, apply for a limited number of possible internships. With any possible internship opportunity, students have to go through a competitive recruitment process, including interviews with employers to be selected.

Autumn Trimester
•Competitive and Corporate Strategy
•Management Consulting Principles
•Organisational Behaviour

Sprint Trimester
•Diagnostic Techniques in Consulting
•Managing Organisational Change
+ 1 option module
•Economics of Entrepreneurship
•Procurement & Contract Management
•Creativity Innovation & Entrepreneurship
•Mindfulness & Resilience at Work
•The Human Side of Innovation

Summer Trimester
•Project Management
•Management Consultancy Business/Company Project
•Management Consultancy Internship

Note: option modules listed are indicative of what has been delivered in previous years. What is offered each academic year is subject to change.

Application date

Step 1: Collating Documentation

The first step is to collate the required documentation needed to assess your application*.

These can include but are not limited to:

English Language Test
Additional Documentation

Step 2: The Application Process

Once you have collated the required documentation and reviewed the entry requirements for your programme of interest, you can now apply online.

You must apply online using our dedicated student information portal. You will be required to enter contact details, upload your documents and answer two essay questions (each approximately 300 words). We would ask that you seriously consider both essays and answer these in the context of the programme you are applying to. Try to not replicate your CV and demonstrate what makes you different from other applicants. There are no right or wrong ways to complete these essays.

You will then be asked to submit your application and pay the €50 application fee. No application can be assessed until the fee has been paid. You can apply for multiple programmes with the one application fee, but please be sure to mark your preferred course.

Once submitted, it usually takes 2-3 weeks before a decision is made on fully completed applications. This time period can sometimes be longer and can vary at different times in the year and in different regions. We may offer you a conditional place based on the completion of a number of criteria, such as degree, English test, or another qualification. This reserves you a place on the course and once you have fulfilled this criteria we will issue you a full offer.

Acceptance is completed by paying a non-refundable deposit (€500 - €1000). Once you have accepted you will then be handled by the programme office who will contact you with further course and start details.

(Note: The application deadline for the MSc Marketing Practice is March 31st 2020)

Course fee

Fees Full-Time EU:
€14,460 (academic year 2020/2021)

Full-Time Non-EU:
€19,900 (academic year 2020/2021)

Part-Time EU:
€7,855 per year (academic year 2020/2021)

Part-Time Non-EU:
€9,950 per year (academic year 2020/2021)

Enrolment and start dates

Starting September 2020

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!