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Clinical Leadership

This master's programme is designed to build on current clinical leadership programmes to enhance the students knowledge of concepts, theories and research relating to clinical leadership.

Who is the programme for?
This programme is for those working as practitioners and mangers in leadership roles who wish to takes their leadership and management shills to an advanced level.

What is the programme about?
This master's programme is designed to build on current clinical leadership programmes to enhance the students knowledge of concepts, theories and research relating to clinical leadership.

Main programme objectives
The objectives of the programme are to further develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of students to a more advanced level of clinical leadership, such that the students demonstrate considerable expertise in
(a) diagnosing a major clinical leadership problem(s) to be confronted in context,
(b) planning changes in the system,
(c) taking or proposing action and
(d), evaluating the action(s) or proposals in the light of an in-depth understanding of appropriate theory and practitioner feedback.

What will I learn?
At the end of the programme you will be able to:
• Demonstrate detailed conceptual knowledge and understanding of different domains of leadership competency and building organisational capacity in a wide variety of healthcare settings
• Demonstrate knowledge of self as clinical leaders and appreciate the role of clinical leader in the context of the multidisciplinary team
• Demonstrate theoretical knowledge of frameworks of leadership development and leading communities of practice
• Apply knowledge of clinical leadership and demonstrate originality and reflective practice in leading change and influencing service provision at policy level
• Use clinical leadership skills which are at the forefront of informed practice to improve the delivery of healthcare provision
• Apply knowledge to diagnose and analyse personal leadership development needs and styles
• Develop the ability to use frameworks for clinical leadership development in their own organisation
• Formulate responses to well defined current and future problems through shaping strategic and operational change in their own practice and organisation
• Demonstrate the ability to deal with complex leadership and management problems including people management issues and make informed judgements about leadership situations in the absence of complete or consistent information
• Demonstrate expertise in taking a leading position undertaking service improvement initiatives in their own organisation
• Communicate leadership initiatives with peers and manage tem development appropriately
• Propose effective collaboration as members and leaders within a multidisciplinary context.
Plan and execute a programme of action research to investigate work based problems
• Demonstrate the ability to work in teams to achieve results and to clearly identify their professional contribution to outcomes of care
• Have the learning skills to apply a range of change management frameworks and techniques in bringing about significant organisational change
• Demonstrate skill in decision-making, problem-solving, Implementing action, evaluating action
• Demonstrate considerable skill in reflective practice and assessment of self in the context of leadership development
• Validate personal knowledge of leadership styles demonstrate the learning skills to undertake further self directed initiatives in improving practice

How will I benefit?
This is programme will be of benefit to those who wish to become advanced leaders in healthcare organisations .

Teaching methods
The main approach to teaching and learning is action –centred as participants will typically work in 'live' organisation based issues and problems and will be constantly working with and learning from other senior professionals in face-to-face and online group activities. A range of teaching and learning strategies will be used, comprising tutorials, group work and workshops. A blended model to teaching and learning is a deliberate part of the programme to facilitate flexibility and accessibility .The programme is flexible with a range of exit and entry mechanisms. A key feature of the composition of the programme is the combination of specialist leadership related modules. This adds value to the learning experience and provides a realistic insight into the contribution of different sectors and professionals to outcomes of healthcare. The programme also enables the creation of a platform for the use of action learning sets which is a unique development of the teaching and learning strategies of the UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems.

Information technology
Blackboard a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that supports online learning and teaching is used extensively.

Entry requirements

•Applicant must have Level 8 academic award in health or allied health profession

•APL will be considered for applicants with relevant and appropriate qualification and experience and working in a health or social care related area


1 year part-time

Number of credits


Careers or further progression

With your newly developed management and leadership skills, you can work in a health care environment in a number of areas including:
•Human Resource Management
•Practice Development
•Advanced Nursing and Clinical Specialties
•Education/Professional Development

Further enquiries

General Enquiries:
Bernadette Manley
Senior Executive Assistant
B213, UCD Health Sciences Centre
+353 1 716 6499

Academic Enquiries:
Dr Phil Halligan
B303, UCD Health Sciences Centre
+353 1 716 6420

Subjects taught

This programme is offered on a part time basis. The Graduate Diploma in Clinical Leadership in Healthcare needs to be completed prior to undertaking the MSc Clinical Leadership in Healthcare.

Graduate Diploma Clinical Leadership in Healthcare Modules:
Leadership & Organisational Dynamics
Quality Patient Safety & Outcomes
Finance and Budgeting in Health
Research Methods applied to Healthcare
Clinical Governance
Developing Leadership Competency

MSc Clinical Leadership in Healthcare
Implementation Science & Researching Change in own Organisation (10 credits)
and Action Research Dissertation (20 credits)


Empirical Study (30 credits)

Application date

Applications are made online through UCD Applications. ​Applicants may be required to undertake an interview (either face-to-face or via telecommunication) as part of the admission process.

Enrolment and start dates

Programme currently under review for 2018 .

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!