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This programme is for graduate students who wish to pursue commercially relevant physics careers contributing to the medical physics, biomedical imaging, ICT and biotechnology and other sectors.

Graduate Taught and Research Programmes in the UCD School of Physics
The UCD School of Physics has undergone a rapid expansion in graduate activity in recent years. There are now 13 taught masters and graduate certificate students in the area of NanoBio Science and over 60 PhD students in the school. Since September 2006 PhD students have registered to a Structured PhD Programme featuring, among other things, enhanced supervision via a doctoral studies panel and access to taught modules in transferrable skills and often discipline specific skills as well. Research is conducted in both Theoretical and Experimental Physics on scales from particle physics to cosmology and astrophysics, including nanoscale, atomic , molecular, biological and optical physics. The researchers in the school enjoy an international reputation in their field, as witnessed by the fact that the impact of our research over the five years to 2011 is over 3-times the global average for Physics, and that the mean h-index for the school's academic staff is 17. Indeed 13 of the school's 21 academics have an h-index of 13 or higher, so the school's h2:N index is 13:21.

Most PhD students can expect to publish up to five times in international peer-reviewed journals during the course of their PhD studies, which typically lasts for four years and is funded by a grant held by the principal investigator.

Postgraduate opportunities at the School of Physics include:
Research programmes:

PhD and MSc opportunities
Structured PhD in Simulation Science


F010: 3 years, full-time.
T121/T122: 3 years full-time / 6 year part-time

Further enquiries

School of Physics,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4,
Tel: +353 (0)1 716 2213
Fax: +353 (0)1 283 7275

Graduate enquiries: Stephanine Mathews, Rm 110, 716 2213
General enquiries: Bairbre Fox, Rm 114/ 110, 716 2361/ 2210
Head of School: Prof. Padraig Dunne, Rm 115, 716 2224

Research areas

PhD opportunities in the UCD School of Physics (for further details contact the PI).
1.Star Formation (Deirdre Coffey)
2.Single Quantum Dot imaging (James Rice)
3.Plasmon enhanced bio-imaging (James Rice)
4.Transferable coarse-grained potentials for studies of proteins, nucleic acids and their interactions (Vio Buchete)
5.Methods for multiscale biomolecular simulations (Vio Buchete)
6.Molecular studies of amyloid fibrils and aggregation (Vio Buchete)
7.Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy of Galactic and Extragalactic Gamma-Sources (John Quinn)
8.Ultrafast Plasmonics (Dominic Zerulla)
9.Spin-Plasmonics (Dominic Zerulla)
10.Novel Solar Cell Concepts (Dominic Zerulla)
11.Modelling of fluid flows in nanostructured systems (Vladimir Lobaskin)
12.Multiscale modelling of biointerfaces (Vladimir Lobaskin)
13.Advanced optical imaging and biophysical applications (Brian Vohnsen)

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