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Marketing Practice

Programme Overview

Suitable for graduates from both business and non-business backgrounds, the course is designed to transform graduates into competent marketing professionals.

Future managers must have the capacity to be team players, to motivate and lead others, to communicate and negotiate effectively, and possess excellent interpersonal skills. The MSc in Marketing Practice helps to nurture these skills.

The original learning technique, called "Action Learning", is the winning premise of the course whereby students fundamentally learn through doing. In undergraduate degrees you learn about management, here you learn to manage.

The MSc in Marketing Practice operates all year round as a professional marketing services provider known commercially as the Marketing Development Programme ( The practical experience gained on this course is like no other, as students, referred to as "Marketing Advisors", work closely with companies, ranging from start-ups and non-profits, to multinational organisations.

The course is structured like a genuine working day, with defined business hours, genuine commercial projects for external corporate clients and a real office set-up at UCD to replicate real-life work conditions.

What will I learn?

The teaching approach and objectives of this course are based around Action Learning – students learn by doing throughout the duration of the course and at the service of actual organisations.

Learning to manage – students consolidate their prior knowledge of management theory by adopting and applying actual commercial skills.

Genuine practical experience is gained as students are cast as "Marketing Advisors", involving a professional assignment to be delivered to a client.

An understanding of the marketing challenges faced by a variety of different organisations, from start-ups and non-profits through to multinational organisations.

How will I benefit?

Students consolidate their prior knowledge of management theory by adopting and applying actual commercial skills.

1.Genuine practical experience is gained as students are cast as "Marketing Advisors", involving a professional assignment to be delivered to a client.

2.Students gain an understanding of the marketing challenges faced by a variety of different organisations, from start-ups and non-profits through to multinational organisations.

3.Regular contact with clients via the course and related events provides golden networking opportunities, as well as the chance to learn first-hand the team-playing, motivational and leadership skills required for the profession.

The purpose of the MSc Marketing Practice is to prepare students for careers in marketing by introducing them to latest theoretical ideas and contemporary best practices; accelerate their career progress by enhancing their ability to contribute to their employer organisations; and enhance their ability to learn independently by developing their skills in action learning (Purpose).

The programme is governed by a number of values: marketing is a profession and is with professional practices; action learning provides a superior medium for professional development in marketing education; marketing knowledge development is through action learning; professional development for marketers through action learning; a culture of learning in which students, faculty, alumni, mentors, consultants, industry and not for profits play a role is the optimal environment for learning; and diversity in cultural and academic background enhances the learning environment for all (education and subject/discipline/professional values).

Students work in a dedicated office facility 9-5pm five days per week. This physical space provides an action learning environment in which they can develop professional knowledge and practices. Their learning is driven by completing marketing assignments, of commercial significance, for private and public sector organisations and for not-for profits. These business scenarios enable students to develop their understanding of the specific marketing or business issue and expand their general marketing knowledge as a result. This is achieved through developing their marketing knowledge, analytical and communication skills, research competency and professionalism. The programme supports workplace learning and harmonises it with the classroom-based components through the guidance and counselling of the full-time Programme Manager is has expertise in action learning. At the end of this learning process students should have the analytical and research skills to effectively identify marketing problems as well as develop effective solutions. Finally, the students learn how to effectively communicate with the external client organisations (the nature of the learning environment for students).

Learning is primarily achieved through action learning assignments and a focus on providing students with opportunities for professional marketing development. In these situations they are facilitated by a variety of learning supports including programme managers, mentors, faculty and student learning sets. Assessment takes place via evaluation of submitted work, learning logs and two individual appraisals conducted during the academic year. Classroom-based modules are also incorporated. Assessment for these comes by way of group assignments and class participation as well as traditional methods (key approaches to teaching, learning and assessment).

Entry requirements

Please review the entry requirements below. The UCD Smurfit Admissions Office staff have expertise in reviewing international qualifications from around the world and will be able to assess your application's comparability to the Irish entry requirement.

Candidates must have an honours degree in Business or another discipline.

The three-stage interview process comprises one individual and one group interview as well as a general intelligence assessment.

A short statement (300 words) entitled "Why I should be accepted on the MSc Marketing Practice Degree" should also be submitted.

Acceptance is subject to demonstration of an aptitude in marketing.

Applications from international students are welcome but competency in English is essential.

If English is not your first language, an english language qualification is required for admission to all of our programmes. the exception to this rule is if you have completed your primary degree or an entire third level qualification through english, in an english speaking country.


11 months full-time

Careers or further progression

Career Opportunities

For graduates leaving the programme, brand management has been a popular career path. However, many graduates have gone into other careers, such as market research and consultancy.

95% of our graduates from this programme were employed after 6 months across a range of industry sectors. (Source: Latest Graduate Outcomes Survey)

Potential careers for our graduates include:
•Marketing and Events Executive
•Brand Executive
•Corporate Account Executive
•Customer Intelligence
•Marketing Coordinator
•Digital Media Associate

Further enquiries

Contact details
+353 1 716 8934

Subjects taught

The 11-month, full-time course covers a broad range of disciplines and skill sets, whilst the personal and professional development of each student is achieved through a defined series of actions and events.

Semester 1
•Developing and Communicating Customer Value Proposition

Semester 2
•Strategic Marketing Management
•Account Management: Selling and Relationship Skills

Summer Term
•Digital Marketing

Full Year Modules
•Applied Marketing Projects
•Professional Development
•Action Learning Project

Note: option modules listed are indicative of what has been delivered in previous years. What is offered each academic year is subject to change.

Application date

Closing Date For Applications: 31st March 2020
Step 1: Collating Documentation

The first step is to collate the required documentation needed to assess your application*.

These can include but are not limited to:

English Language Test
Additional Documentation

Step 2: The Application Process

Once you have collated the required documentation and reviewed the entry requirements for your programme of interest, you can now apply online.

You must apply online using our dedicated student information portal. You will be required to enter contact details, upload your documents and answer two essay questions (each approximately 300 words). We would ask that you seriously consider both essays and answer these in the context of the programme you are applying to. Try to not replicate your CV and demonstrate what makes you different from other applicants. There are no right or wrong ways to complete these essays.

Application Deadlines:
We are open for applications for the academic year 2020/21. Applications are assessed on a rolling basis and courses will close once they are filled. We advise you to apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Please note certain scholarships may require you to apply before a certain date – please refer to our scholarship page here. If you have any questions in relation to deadlines or availability please email

(Note: The application deadline for the MSc Marketing Practice is March 31st 2020)

Course fee

Fees Full-Time EU:
€14,460 (academic year 2020/2021)

Full-Time Non-EU:
€19,900 (academic year 2020/2021)

Important Note: Tuition fees and other charges are subject to change each year.

Enrolment and start dates

Starting: September 2020

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!