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Aviation Leasing & Finance

The Aviation Finance Finuas Network is a key strategic component of the national aviation policy and supports the up-skilling and reskilling of the current talent pool and the continuous development of the specialist expertise and knowledge within the sector.

In partnership with the Aviation Finance Finuas Network, the University of Limerick has developed the first of its kind Postgraduate Award (Level 9) Specialist Diploma programme in Aviation Leasing and Finance.

Learning Outcomes:
This Postgraduate programme aims to foster and develop a sound knowledge of the key aspects of aviation leasing and finance in order to maximise the inherent talent and interest in this field in Ireland.

Students will be exposed to a self-learning environment that will expand their critical thinking, analytical skills and ethical values. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the key disciplines of accounting, leasing, finance, taxation and business law.

After completing this programme, students will:
1. Have active awareness of financial, legislation and technical issues related to the aviation industry with particular emphasis on leasing and financing activities.

2. Have an appreciation of the aviation industry and the unique financial, risk and operational factors which influence the performance of Aviation companies.

3. Have the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the Key Performance Indicators of the firm.

Entry requirements

Applicants should have a primary degree and be working or interested in working in the area of aviation leasing and finance.

An honours level degree at a 2.2 standard
Normally 3 to 5 years’ experience in the aviation and related industries.

The recognition of prior learning and prior experiential learning as per university policy will be applied to this course.

UL’s PRL policy will be applied to this course. The course board may at its discretion accept a level lower qualification with stronger evidence of prior learning and experience. Entry is decided on a case by case basis.


The course runs over one academic year, and is approximately one third of a masters.

In keeping with the University of Limerick’s approach to programmes for those in employment the delivery mechanism for this programme will be by blended learning with 8 on-campus days in the Autumn semester, 4 in the Spring semester, , supported with online learning and tutor support.

Further enquiries

Queries on the course content and delivery may be directed to Continuing & Professional Education, University of Limerick – – +353-61-202530.

Queries on the application and approval for FINUAS Network fees subvention should be made to Linda Barron, Aviation Finuas Network Manager, at, or +353-61- 423622.

Subjects taught

The programme will consist of 6 taught modules of aviation, leasing and finance related material. The programme will run over two semesters of 15 weeks each. Semesters run from September to December (Autumn) and January to May (Spring). Three modules will be covered in each semester. The programme will be a minor award at level 9 on the Quality & Qualification Ireland National Framework of Qualification. The programme credits are 30, which equates to a 10 to 15 hour workload per semester week for participants.

While the programme will require participants to undertake project and assignment work during each module to contextualise the material being covered, there is no major project element proposed for this programme.

Semester 1 Autumn
AM6001 Air Transportation Characteristics
FI6043 Aircraft Leasing
FI6052 Corporate Airline Finance

Semester 2 Spring
IN6002 Integrated Risk Management
ME5072 Fleet Planning
LA5082 Legal Aspects of Aviation Leasing and Finance

Autumn Semester(8 on-campus days)
The modules AM6001 and FI6052 will be delivered over four separate Saturdays in 2 hour sessions with online coursework interactions and support between sessions.

The third module of the Autumn Semester FI6052, will be delivered over two workshop sessions of 2 days each on two consecutive Friday/Saturday sessions in November.

Please check the programme website for the latest Autumn semester schedule.

Spring Semester (4 on-campus days)
The Spring semester modules will be delivered over four Saturdays on-campus in the January – April timeframe. Dates will be confirmed by the Autumn semester.

Delivery will be through a blended learning approach. This will include face-to-face classroom workshops, webinars and moderated discussion boards. Material will be introduced through expert workshops and learning will be developed through prescribed readings and other activities such as case studies, simulations, online activities, computational problems and other media. A series of tutor facilitated skills based workshops held for each module at which practical exercises and applications reinforce the learning material studied by participants in the on-line environment.

This mode guides participants through material but requires them to reflect on the material in the context of their own organization.


Programme Title:
Specialist Diploma in Aviation Leasing & Finance

Award Type and Level
Minor award at Masters level 9 giving 30 Credits on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Assessment method

Assessment will be a combination of continuous assessment based on an application of the material to an organisational context and a written end of term exam.

Application date

The closing date for applications is: Monday 21st August 2017

The course will commence in mid-September, please check the website for conformed dates.. The places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis subject to participants meeting the course eligibility requirements. On a limited basis, funding will be available through the Aviation Finance Finuas Network for member companies seeking to place aviation lease and finance staff on the course. There is a maximum of 25 places for this programme.

To Apply – Please check the programme website for application requirements, collect the required documentation and fill in the online application form. See Queries may be directed to Continuing & Professional Education, University of Limerick – – +353-61-202530.

Copies of documentation will be required by the University of Limerick to complete your registration should you be made an offer.

Course fee

Fees: €6,286 per student.

On a limited basis, partial funding is available to eligible member companies of Aviation Finance Finuas Network, once prospective students meet the eligibility criteria set out for this programme. For details contact Linda Barron 061 423622

Enrolment and start dates

The Course will begin in mid-September – please check the programme website for the latest schedules -

Remember to mention gradireland when contacting institutions!