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Education & Health Sciences - Structured Research

The Structured PhD in Education and Health Sciences is a novel PhD that will allow the student to complete a PhD within 4 years full-time. For full-time doctoral students the taught components are normally completed within the first two years. There is a part-time option available whereby the taught components are completed within the first three years and a longer duration permitted for the student to complete the research element of the PhD usually an additional two years.

The research project will be sited within one of the Faculty's six Departments, but the taught elements will be shared across the Faculty, maximising learning opportunities for the students. It will promote a sharing of expertise and experience, which will lead to high quality translational research in accordance with the faculty mission to advance the wellbeing of people. Students may take modules in quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods research methodology.


4 Year Full time

Further enquiries

Elaine Moore
Tel: +353 (0) 61 202651

Subjects taught

The structured PhD comprises of Core modules and Research and Elective modules:

EHS Structured Programme Content

Core Modules Credits Awarded Academic Year – Semester
Research Project 270 credits Years 1-4
Introduction to Doctoral studies 6 credits Year 1 Semester 1 & 2
Research Integrity 3 credits Year 1 Semester 2
Entering the Academic Community 3 credits Year 2 Semester 1
Generic & Transferable Skills 3 credits To be completed by end Year 3
PG Professional Portfolio 9 credits To be completed by Year 4
Semester 1 Week (12)

Research & Elective Modules
Research Methods level 9* 18 credits Years 1-2
Independent Learning** Module/s** 18 credits Years 1 - 2
Total credits 330

* Existing modules within the EHS Faculty / Intra-faculty modules
** There are two existing ILM modules as part of the sPhD programme
The majority of modules taken will be at level nine or higher. The Generic & Transferable Skills module (GT8201) may be completed between ( Yr. 1 – 3 ). Students can continue to submit evidence of workshop forms during this time, however, you are not required to register for that module until Autumn Semester Year (3). The Postgraduate Professional Portfolio (ES8004) needs to be submitted in semester (1) of year four (week 11) to the Supervisor and (week 12) to the Programme Director. Registration for the Portfolio module is not required until the beginning autumn semester of Year (4).

Application date

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Research Programmes
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis for research programmes. The applications for Research programmes are review each month by the Postgraduate Research Committee.

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