Education - Teaching & Learning in Further & Higher Education

The aim of the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning in Further and Higher Education is to provide continuing professional development for those in teaching roles, in further and higher education. The course will enable you to develop and improve your professional expertise and to reflect on your practice and gain a theoretical and critical perspective on the educational field in which you are engaged.

Learning Outcomes of the Programme
On successful completion of the course, you will be able to:
• Examine the underlying principles of teaching and learning
• Establish perspectives on key issues relating to your own work in teaching and/or supporting students
• Broaden your knowledge of international further and higher education systems and the challenges they face
• Identify student-centred methodologies and appropriate learning styles in relation to learning and retention issues
• Widen your repertoire of teaching methods and enhance your teaching skills
• Consider the role of ICT and new technologies in your subject area
• Evaluate the role of different assessment methods in further and higher education
• Develop your professional competence in specific subject areas
• Share your experiences of learning and teaching with fellow students
• Reflect critically on the educational process as it influences your students
• Develop your knowledge and expertise in the use of appropriate research methods in further and higher education

The MALT is a flexible modular 90-credit programme. A range of elective modules are offered each year, from which you select modules to suit your own development needs or towards completion of the Masters programme.

Entry requirements

Entry Requirements

•An Honours Degree or equivalent

•Three years' postgraduate experience

•Applicants must have access to an educational organisation where they can carry out teaching practice.

•Applicants whose first language is not English must submit evidence of competency in English.


1 - 5 years, part-time.

This programme is delivered in part-time mode on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. Modules are offered subject to viability.

Number of credits


Further enquiries

Postgraduate Administrator,
School of Lifelong Learning & Education

Subjects taught

Postgraduate Diploma (60 credits) - Mandatory Modules
• Academic Enquiry (10 credits)
• Educational Theory (10 credits)
• Practical Pedagogy 1 (10 credits)
• Practical Pedagogy 2 (10 credits)
• Curriculum and Assessment (10 credits)
• Reflective Practice in Education (10 credits)

Masters (choose 30 credits)

• Blended Learning (10 credits)
• Language, Power and Societies (10 credits)
• Perspectives on Further and Higher Education (10 credits)
• Independent Learning Module (10 credits)
• Mentoring (10 credits)
• Research Supervisory Skills (10 credits)
• Teaching English as a Second Language (10 credits)
• Adult Learning (10 credits)
• Research Methods in Education (10 credits)
• Dissertation ongoing study (20 credits)
• Educational Product ongoing study (20 credits)
• Writing for Publication ongoing study (20 credits)


Qualification: MA in Teaching and Learning in Further & Higher Education

Application date

Closing Date: 31 July 2017

Course fee

€700 per 10 credit module, €1,400 per 20 credit module.

Enrolment and start dates

Provisional Start Date: September 2017

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