Graduate scheme

Calling all final year students! Applications for PwC Ireland's 2022 graduate programme are open!

We’re looking for a new generation of talent to bring their life skills and new ways of thinking to our business. We want the expert learners, the creative perfectionists and the process-driven visionaries to join us.

We offer you industry-leading coaching and our total support in obtaining your professional accreditation. You'll have the opportunity to work with some of the most fascinating clients in the world.

Your graduate programme

Every graduate knows how important training, mentoring and exposure to real work are. That's why the stories that every employer tells you sound the same. We aren't every employer.

At PwC, you'll have the opportunity to make a lasting difference to the world's biggest businesses. As well as industry-leading coaching, you'll get our total support as you work for a professional accreditation. We're looking for a new generation of talent to bring their life skills and new ways of thinking to our business. Help us be more than the sum of our parts, and be part of the solution in the new equation.

Entry requirements

Final-year graduate and postgraduate university students on track to achieve a 2.1 minimum.

Why should I choose PwC?

It's a place to grow and make a difference

Our graduate programme is the ideal launchpad for your career. Your progress is our priority. From day one, you'll be working with clients, sharing your unique perspective and making a difference. We offer continuous learning opportunities to accelerate your personal and professional growth. You will build strong relationships and have the chance to learn from the best. You can gain professional qualifications and take up an international secondment. We reward your commitment and achievements with salary and grade progression.

It's full of opportunities for people like you

No two career paths are the same at PwC. One thing that defines them all is choice. You'll get the opportunity to work in a variety of areas. You can build on your own unique strengths, and choose to stretch yourself in a completely new field. If you want to improve your skills, if there's a team you want to work on - all you have to do is ask. We want your individual talent to shine wherever you decide you can add the most value. Being yourself and lending your individuality to the mix is what will lead you—and us—to success.

It's more than a place to work

A graduate place with us is more than a good career move. You'll start alongside over 360 other graduates and learn from each other as much as you'll learn from us. We'll be honest; we expect you to work hard and meet your deadlines. During busy times, you might have to put in some extra hours. In turn, we allow you to build up your overtime and use it to take time off. We care about you, not just the job you do. We're dedicated to everyday flexibility for every member of our staff.

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