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What’s big, white and full of seasonal jobs? Your USIT working holiday in Canada. Complete with visa support, travel insurance, bank account set-up and the option to pre-arrange a summer or ski season job.

Why do a working holiday visa in Canada?

The scenery is next level – with turquoise lakes, snow-capped peaks and whale-filled waters. The cities are the most liveable in the world – cultural and foodie with a party scene that will leave you grizzly like a bear with a sore head. And just like the slopes, Canadian people are just cool. Dry like ginger beer and down-to-earth. Plus, you can apply for a Canada visa until you’re 35, stay for two years, and pretty much work in any industry.

Why do it with USIT?

  • IEC Canada visa support: Applying for a working holiday visa Canada can be confusing. There’s a pool for a start. We guide you through the process to ensure everything’s submitted correctly.
  • Work it your way: Our independent Kickstart and 5-day Ultimate Canada working holiday packages mean you can pick the job and accommodation support that works for you.
  • Total job support: We’ll help you either get a job before you leave, or support you with how to find a job once you arrive. Simples!

Is it for me?

  • You must be between 18-35 years of age
  • Stay for up to two years
  • Visa pools open Dec/Jan
  • You can either do casual work, or work in a professional role that will advance your career
  • Earn CAD $15-20/hour
  • Travel insurance included
  • Package pricing starts from €410

Intriguing, isn’t it? Click ‘Apply’ below to learn more & start an application!

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