Is MSc in Health and Science Communication the right course for you?

Last updated: 23 Feb 2023, 12:12

Were you interested to understand the science behind COVID-19? Were you annoyed with the infodemic going around? Did you need better communication systems to impart clear and straightforward knowledge about the virus? If your answer is Yes, then we can talk further.

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Neha - MSC in Science and Health Communication

MSc in Health and Science Communication is a course for aspiring journalists and medical professionals, and anyone who wants to bridge the gap between complex scientific information and simple, genuine knowledge. COVID-19 is the most famous example of how the healthcare systems were caught off guard by communicating a new virus to the public. Scientists were mainly focused on providing an antidote. There was no one to handle the mass hysteria because no one understood what was happening. It was a first-of-its-kind pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918.

There was a need for mediators between the scientific community and the general public. Enter science and health communicators.

Science and health communicators are public relations experts or corporate affairs experts. They work with public relations agencies or as corporate communication professionals with pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer or Abbott. Their job is to communicate health data to consumers, including patient bodies, effectively.

How do they do this?

They create communication material such as press releases, notes, explainer videos, and audio podcasts. They organise press conferences and meetings with media houses to reach out to the relevant public. For instance, WHO held press conferences during the onset of COVID-19 to talk to the public and address myths and concerns.

Another job market that one can explore after this course is that of science and health journalist. Journalists today write on specific beats, and breaking down medical jargon for the readers, is a challenging role but also rewarding. You get to interact with medical professionals such as doctors and interview CXOs of leading pharmaceutical companies and be the harbinger of good but also bad news.

If you're interested in working towards an MSc in Health and Science Communication, I would advise you to research and connect with alumni from DCU. You must understand where they are working and if that matches your goals. You must also go through the modules and see if they peak your interest.

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