Lorenzo Blardoni, Retail Graduate at Applegreen

I chose to apply to the Applegreen graduate programme due to the rotational structure, which allows gaining exposure to different business areas. In addition, changing departments gives a more holistic view of the company.


Lorenzo Blardoni

Retail Graduate


Why did you apply for Applegreen?

When I came across this Graduate Programme, I immediately thought it to be an incredibly compelling opportunity. I chose to apply to the graduate programme due to the rotational structure, which allows gaining exposure to different business areas. In addition, changing departments gives a more holistic view of the company. Therefore, it allows a better understanding of the business and its operations.

Moreover, the fact that the programme offers training to strengthen hard and soft skills was another decisive attribute. Also, being assigned to a tutor for guidance was a very compelling aspect of the programme. Furthermore, the opportunity to go abroad to the States, and the idea of being challenged in a different business setting, made the decision to apply to the programme even easier.

Was it a big transition moving to Ireland?

Living in the multicultural city of Dublin, I was surrounded by an open and accepting environment. Irish people are incredibly welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. Moreover, the city offers a vibrant social scene, providing many opportunities to socialise, join clubs and do many different activities.

Furthermore, being an outdoor enthusiast, the proximity to the Wicklow mountains allowed me to explore the spectacular Irish wilderness almost every weekend on hikes and cycles. Overall, it was relatively easy to integrate and feel at home in Ireland.

What is the biggest difference in working in Ireland?

People are more prone to listen and understand your thoughts and point of views. The hierarchical structure is more organic. Hence, it is relatively easy to reach almost everyone within the organisation. Colleagues give you feedback and are always open to help if needed.

The atmosphere at work is less intimidating and makes me feel at ease to perform at my best. Moreover, the company takes employee well-being seriously and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

How would you describe your first 6-months in the job?

The first three months of the job have been enriching. I was challenged with many exciting projects. Within the first six months, I absorbed so many different notions about the activities and operations of the business. By working closely with other colleagues and departments, I learned different mindsets and ways of thinking. I feel valued in every given task.

As a result, I felt motivated and eager to improve and learn. Having to deal daily with problem-solving made me very curious and made my analytical skills even more robust. Thanks to a positive and encouraging work environment, I gained more freedom in approaching new projects.

Moreover, the company is very active in organising social events and other projects, allowing me to participate in different initiatives and volunteer when needed.

What are you most looking forward to about the international placement?

The international placement will allow me to be involved in a rapidly growing company and be absorbed in a fast-paced environment.

In addition, joining the international placement in such a fast-growing business in the United States will create an excellent opportunity to advance in my career undergoing various projects that will challenge myself, and grow into a new setting, living in a different culture, learning and improving at 360 degrees, both personally and professionally

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