Conor Lane, Manager

Conor Lane has progressed through his Career at what some may call an alarming rate! Moving from Operational Services in KYC to Data & Tech, with experience at 5 different Clients, Conor has a wealth of knowledge within financial services. Here we explore his advice for graduates and thoughts on the future of both our Company and Data & Tech


Conor Lane

Manager at Delta Capita

Delta Capita

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What are you involved with internally?

One of the first initiatives that I started alongside Niamh Kingsley, back in the latter part of 2020, was the Tech404 Teams Forum. We identified that we had a large knowledge base within D&T, and D&T feeds into everything we do, so we wanted to create a space where everyone in the business could come and learn about D&T. It has become one of the most active forums that I am in! I ask questions, as my specialisation is in data analytics and visualisation but I don't have a coding background. If I have a client question about coding, it's a nice informal place to bounce ideas off one another!

The second key area that I am leading is the D&T Thought Leadership. This is quite a recent phenomenon, as we simply realised within D&T that we are not currently marketing ourselves very well, in terms of what we do, the skills we have and the exciting projects we are working on. We hadn't established our brand strongly enough within the Company, and also externally... How do we drive more exciting projects where we can leverage the skills we have.

The Thought Leadership Campaign kicked off in the latter part of 2021, with internal Thought Leadership piece that I wrote myself. We're working with Marketing to devise a 2022 Strategy, similar to the strategy that is being worked on by the ESG Workstream. Where can we build out a really solid piece of quarterly Thought Leadership which is accompanied by Client Interviews, Hiring Interviews, Infographics and collaborations with GCP to ensure that when questions start coming in from our Clients, we can equip GCP to answer them.

I'm also quite heavily involved in interviewing new hires over the last six months for those who are coming into D&T.

What advice would you give to new Graduates joining our Company?

Be openminded and look after your own mind. Make sure that you're not only focused on delivering to a Client's or Company's expectations, check in with yourself and how you are feeling. Learn how to recharge yourself and look after your own brain and mind. This is something I've learnt over the last four years, and it's become my number one priority, otherwise you can't do any other things.

Otherwise, I think really understand that an opportunity that might not feel like something that's actually what you want at the time, can and often will turn into something exciting!

Some of the early projects that I started on, when I worked in Operational Services, weren't what I initially wanted, however going through that brought so many opportunities for me.

Learning to say "Yes!" even if the opportunity seems daunting, you will always surprise yourself with what you can achieve if you have that focus within any project that you're on. You also have the opportunity to build your network!

What is a Career Achievement that you are proud of?

I guess my proudest moment in terms of business and commercial impact are always the additional headcount that we drive from the work that I have produced on Client Site, and building business cases to our Clients to let them know what we can provide, despite whether we have the resource at the moment, we know we can find them.

In Deutsche Bank, we have brought in two additional headcount for the correspondent relationship project. Off the back of that Project, we had our contracts extended for an extra year until early 2023 and also brought in another additional Assistant Manager role from Ireland to assist us with the Programme.

I think that is one of the things that drives me most!

Also, just anytime that I've been able to acquire new reportees. Being quite young myself and having the opportunity to acquire new reportees is an honour for me! Starting to understand the different way people think and what motivates other people is really interesting.

What is the future of Data & Tech?

Within our Company, I think the future of Data & Technology is going to be utilising proprietary technology that we have, which we haven't previously had access to. We continue to build out and scale the size of our business, as historically we were one of the smallest capacity-wise sections of JDX, but Delta Capita and DC Operate has a focus of technology, especially with Prytek being a FinTech investor!

In terms of the future of Data & Technology within financial services, I think it will become the absolute heart of the banking world. We're already seeing uplift into cloud technology, things moving away from archaic server-based data storage to cloud-based storage. Being able to tell stories and gain actionable insight, not only the what questions but also the how and the why questions, is going to become absolutely paramount. I think the companies that have the biggest quantities and qualities of data, but also the companies that understand how to use data, are going to become the most powerful within financial services.

You see it outside of financial services with the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon, they're data companies disguised as Social Media or Shopping Platforms but they are all focused on data and that is why they are world leading.

What excites you most about Delta Capita?

I'm most looking forward to the injection of capital into what we previously knew as JDX, quite a young business, privately owned by a few stakeholders in London. I think the fact that we now have a sizeable injection of foreign investment with a group of people who are really keen to see the business succeed, and believe that it can, is really inspiring!

Getting to work with new technology as a D&T Consultant is really exciting. Working with a new Leadership Team that have a huge range of experience, and some very senior ex-bankers is also really exciting. It gives the Firm a new direction, and I'm excited to see where we will be at the end of the next 5 years!

What are your goals for the next Financial Year?

I would really like to establish both my personal brand and the personal brand of my Management Team within Data & Technology, both internally and externally through Thought Leadership. I want to get our faces know across both our internal network and externally. I want to start attending more Expos and getting our industry expertise known. Our Thought Leadership Strategy is very much focused on that!

Personally, within my own career, it would be continue along the progression path, as quickly and tenaciously as possible!

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