Radhika Sharma, Enterprise Development Graduate at Fidelity International

I feel really proud to work for Fidelity, because they have provided me every opportunity to grow and challenge myself, which is exactly what I’d wanted from a graduate job.


Radhika Sharma

Enterprise Development Graduate

Fidelity International

My name is Radhika Sharma, and I am an Enterprise Development Graduate at Fidelity International, in Dublin. I wanted to share my experiences and top tips for finding the right graduate role for you!

I attended the University of Galway and studied a Masters of Science in Health Economics. I really loved my degree, but I wasn’t as sure about the different opportunities it would open up for me. I heard about Fidelity International in a careers placement session at my university, and then I used gradireland to find more information about the company. I found that they accepted applications from all subject backgrounds, and so I decided to apply.

Now, I am on a two-year graduate programme, which consists of four, six-month rotations. The opportunity to rotate is amazing, because I get exposure across multiple departments, helping to increase my overall industry and business knowledge - but also, helping me to decide the direction I want to take my career in. I am currently in my first rotation, working in product delivery, which essentially means supporting European Governance. Governance is an extremely important part of financial services.

Our systems, processes, and business need to be robust to ensure we do the right thing by our clients! Integrity is one of our core values as a company, alongside honesty and loyalty. I knew this from my research, but these values really can be seen in Fidelity’s culture, and how people interact with each other across the business.

Product delivery wasn’t a role or team I’d heard of before, and definitely not what came to my mind when I first thought about financial services. This is part of what I find so enjoyable about the programme. Every day there is something new and challenging; I’m learning so much. For me, the best part is being enrolled into a professional qualification which helps to upgrade my knowledge and meet industry standards.

Alongside this, the rotations are designed to give me hands-on experience. I really enjoy the blend of classroom learning and practical experience, because I get to take what I learn and apply it to real projects. From Day 1, I’ve had the opportunity to work on my own and take accountability. This can be a bit intimidating, but everyone is so supportive. It’s not an environment where you will be left to struggle. Your team are always on hand to help you turn your challenges into success.

I feel really proud to work for Fidelity, because they have provided me every opportunity to grow and challenge myself, which is exactly what I’d wanted from a graduate job. I just hadn’t known I could find this type of role in financial services! I’ve felt included and welcome in the company from the day I joined, and my work definitely feels part of the wider progress the company is working towards.

For example, I am also an active member of the Dublin Cultural Diversity strand, which works alongside senior business leaders to ensure Fidelity Dublin is equitable and inclusive for employees from under-represented backgrounds. We’ve been able to support initiatives and programmes across the business, and my experience and perspective feels valued.

My top tip to anyone looking for a graduate role is to be open-minded and not just limit yourself to companies and jobs you’ve already heard of. I’d also say, have confidence in being yourself. Don’t assume you won’t be right for the job. Having a learning mindset, being able to take initiative, and feeling curious about what’s out there will help you succeed - remember, technical skills can always be taught.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions - if you’re unsure about the timelines, the process, what some of the opportunities mean, someone is there to help you. Good luck! Maybe I’ll see you at Fidelity International one day.

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