Daphne Van Velsen, Online Marketer at Kingspan


Daphne Van Velsen

Online Marketer


Name: Daphne Van Velsen

Job Title: Online Marketer

Division: Kingspan Insulated Panels

Location: Tiel, Netherlands

What does your job involve?

I work as an Online Marketeer for the Benelux in the Kingspan Insulated Panels division. Being Online Marketeer, I’m responsible for developing and maintaining the digital marketing strategy – alongside the Benelux Marketing & Communications Manager. This involves managing the website & social media accounts, and monitoring their KPIs, and work on (digital) content management.

What is the most interesting project you’ve been involved with?

The most interesting project I’ve done so far has been one I did this year: the new Netherlands and Belgium website. This was the very first big project I managed during my time at Kingspan, where I worked in an agile way in multiple different project teams.

What advice would you give to new Graduates joining our Company?

I would advise new Graduates, to make yourself known by as many colleagues as possible. Maintain your network, show them who you are and what you’re capable off. But above all: do a job that you love and where your heart lies – and working won’t feel like work at all.

What excites you most about Kingspan?

What excites me most about Kingspan is our Planet Passionate Sustainability Programme. I really care about our planet and it makes me feel so good that the company I work for cares for it as much as I do.

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