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About Meltwater

When you join Meltwater, you join a global network of friendly, talented and ambitious people. Whether you step into our office in Singapore or hop on a Zoom call with a team member in New York, you are guaranteed to be greeted with a big “Hello!” and an even bigger smile. Although our offices are scattered all over the world, internally we operate as a global team because we can only achieve our goals by working together.

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A Belief in our People

We believe that when you have the right people in the right working environment, great things happen. That’s why we look for potential—not only degrees and certifications. We strive to provide our employees with opportunities that match their career ambitions. Oftentimes, this means trusting that our employees are up for the challenge, and we’re okay taking that risk. Our people are our business, and we hope that you’ll consider joining us.

Our Values

Our values are at the core of our culture, and they can be summed up by the acronym MER, which means more in Norwegian. These values are a commitment to our employees as well as our customers.

  • Moro


This is the Norwegian word for fun . We believe that in order to become truly successful, we should all enjoy what we do on a daily basis.

  • Enere

[‘e nðr’e]

In Norwegian, this means number one . At Meltwater, ‘average’ isn’t good enough.

  • Respekt


This is the Norwegian word for respect . We believe that it matters how a company or an individual becomes successful.

Diversity at Meltwater

Diversity is highly valued at Meltwater, which is why we have created several internal programs dedicated to ensuring that Meltwater remains an inclusive working environment for all employees.

We have also established partnerships with a number of external organizations fighting for social justice and racial equity to provide them with free access to our platform and consultation services.

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