Cormac Lee, Digital Services Graduate, Limerick at Three Ireland

I wanted to work for a market leader that would enable me to learn and develop into a best-in-class example in my field. Three’s digital graduate programme looked to provide this opportunity and then some!


Cormac Lee

Digital Services Graduate, Limerick

Three Ireland

What made you decide to apply to Three for a graduate role?

The digital space is ever expanding and becoming more and more competitive. I wanted to work for a market leader that would enable me to learn and develop into a best-in-class example in my field. Three’s digital graduate programme looked to provide this opportunity and then some!

I liked the idea of working alongside highly accredited leaders and award-winning teams, whilst also being part of a tailored programme that would enable my future career goals. I’ve also been a Three customer for many years and it is a brand I had grown to trust – what better reason to work with them?

Why did you choose this area of the business?

My background and hobbies are all digital related – I’m nearly part pixel myself. Three’s digital graduate programme was like no other on the market. There aren’t many programmes specifically designed to enable and bring the best out of a digital based graduate.

It’s common for people with a digital background to be a Jack/Jacklyn of all trades – this area of Three’s business seemed to cover a wide area of topics, meaning I could work on developing those trades that I favour the most.

What is a typical day like for you within your Graduate role?

Fast, fun, and exciting! I am on my second-year rotation and the past year has flown. There truly is no day the same in Three – especially on the digital side of the house. Through my first year as a Digital Services Graduate some of my day-to-day work consisted of the design/development of the award winning Three Community and working on Go-To-Market planning - getting to see what’s coming before anyone else is always a bonus! As I’m more of a UX and Visual designer there was never a shortage of design work to be done, giving me ample opportunities to develop my portfolio of work.

There were also days where I was brought in to work on different challenges - getting to tackle new tasks like creating digital campaigns, digital marketing and some more of the development side of the house. It was the perfect first role from university as I not only learned so much about Three, but it also set me up for success as I continue my journey on the programme.

What types of projects do you get to work on?

There have been quite a few – Three is very flexible with projects so really enables graduates to work on things that interest them, even outside their direct team. Some of the key ones have been: Developing the Three Community and its gamification, designing a UX tool for all of Three’s customer agents, getting to run a full digital campaign and give away across all of Three’s socials and 3Plus.

My favourite project to date was getting to work with other graduates in developing a full product plan and pitch for Three’s portfolio of offers. We were given the opportunity to present this to the Chief Commercial Officer and her teams - that’s an opportunity I won’t forget, and I know it’ll stand to me in the future.

Why did you choose Limerick?

I was delighted to find out the First-year rotation is Limerick based. I studied in UL and it was amazing to know there was such an opportunity nearby. The Limerick office is almost like home. The people in the office are so genuine and excited about their roles. One thing I will say about the Three employees is they truly live the values, this creates a great environment to ask questions and learn.

The office always has a positive vibe and is a great location to work. There are some very cool areas to relax, a delicious canteen and there also tends to be a few freebies often enough.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give anyone thinking of applying?

  1. Be true to you – let your personality shine through
  2. Put your best foot forward - build your best application, understand your strengths and what you have to offer, think about Three’s values
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others – compare yourself to the you that you want to be. Digital is so broad, so focus on what you bring to the table because there will be a place for it at Three.

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