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About Wind Energy Ireland

Wind Energy Ireland (WEI) is the representative body for the Irish wind industry, working to promote wind energy as an essential, economical and environmentally friendly part of the country’s low-carbon energy future. We are Ireland’s largest renewable energy organisation with more than 150 members who have come together to plan, build, operate and support the development of the country’s chief renewable energy resource. We are an all-Ireland body, working in Northern Ireland through a partnership with our colleagues in RenewableUK. We create jobs, invest in communities, reduce our CO2 emissions and work to end Ireland’s reliance on foreign fossil fuels. We are leaders in Ireland’s fight against climate change.

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Welcome To Wind Energy Ireland

Wind Energy Ireland is committed to the promotion and education of wind energy issues and plays a leading role in the areas of conference organisation, lobbying and policy development on the island of Ireland. WEI is committed to promoting the use of wind energy in Ireland and beyond as an economically viable and environmentally sound alternative to thermal or nuclear generation.

What we deliver

In 2018 wind energy provided 29 per cent of Ireland’s electricity.

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland in 2017 wind cut our CO2 emissions by almost 2.7 million tonnes and avoided more than €220 million in foreign fossil fuel imports.

The Environmental Protection Agency credits wind energy with cutting the carbon intensity of our electricity system – the amount of CO2 emitted to produce a unit of energy – to its lowest level on record.

We are an industry proud of our record and confident that our best days are yet to come.

What we do

  • We carry out and commission research to influence Government policy on renewable energy
  • We work closely with statutory bodies and State agencies to support the growth of renewable energy and wind in particular
  • With the support of SkillNet Ireland we run Green Tech Skillnet which has brought in some of the world’s top experts in their fields to train more than a thousand people to work in the renewable energy sector
  • We organise and host some of Ireland’s main renewable energy conferences providing an opportunity for learning, skills development and networking
  • We communicate and explain the benefits of wind energy to policymakers, communities, students, media and the general public
  • We work with our colleagues in Wind Europe to coordinate policy, research and knowledge-sharing across the continent

About Green Tech Skillnet

The Green Tech Skillnet is an enterprise-led network facilitating the workforce and development needs of the Irish renewable energy industry. The network is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and Network companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded through the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation, and Science. The network in its previous guise as Wind Skillnet, successfully delivered value add training and networking activities to the wind industry over the past 10 years through its contracting organisation, the Wind Energy Ireland (WEI). Since 2014, the network has successfully engaged 1,149 trainees over 2,050 training days equating to approximately 25% of those employed within the wind industry in Ireland.

Reflecting the diversification of Irelands energy system and with an overarching responsibility to EU targets and the mitigation of climate change, the network will support the optimisation of renewables on the Irish grid in the short, medium and long term through learning and development initiatives. In this regard the network aims to deliver impactful training and networking events to a growing workforce, facilitate thought leaders within the renewables sector whilst contributing to Ireland’s deep decarbonisation and energy transition.

Climate Ready – Talent for Ireland’s Green Economy

Green Tech Skillnet is part of the Climate Ready Cluster – a dynamic group of Skillnet Business Networks which includes Sustainable Finance Skillnet and Lean & Green Skillnet. Building on the significant progress made by each network in renewable energy, sustainable finance, and clean water, the Climate Ready Cluster aims to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions that benefit businesses, the workforce, and the climate. Climate Ready is an initiative of Skillnet Ireland which supports Irish businesses in taking the next steps towards a sustainable future.

Corporate Governance

Our vision

WEI sees a future where our homes, cars and businesses are powered by green electricity from renewable energy sources on the island of Ireland.

Our Mission

Working with communities, members and stakeholders, WEI is leading the transition to a zero carbon energy system with wind at its heart, through policy development, communication and education.

WEI will continue to be the leading renewables association supporting Ireland having at least 70% of Ireland’s electricity from renewables by 2030.

Our core values

Positive: “We have a positive approach, reflecting an openness to ideas and innovative solutions. We constructively engage with the community and are proud to lead Ireland in the transition to a zero/low carbon energy system.”

Leadership: “We are recognised externally as a trusted industry authority. We demonstrate supportive leadership internally, instilling confidence and building capability.”

Respect: “We engage with respect. We represent the organisation with professionalism and pride. In striving to meet membership needs, we respect communities, members and stakeholder perspectives.”

Safety: “We are passionate about the health, safety and wellbeing of the people with whom we work and interact.“

Sustainability: “We promote a cleaner, greener environment and long-term energy security, sustainable jobs and rural development.”

Responsiveness: “We are accountable to our membership and mindful of their differing needs and we are open and transparent in all dealings with all members.”

Building a zero carbon Ireland

Our 2022 Strategic Plan sets out our vision for Ireland - a net-zero emissions electricity system, with wind energy at its heart, by 2035.

We will do this by building evidence to support a sustainable and economic transition, building support for enabling policy and regulatory decisions, building knowledge to help people make the right choices and building a roadmap for delivery of renewable generation and supporting technologies.

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