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Creative industries such as journalism, publishing, media and the creative arts are often highly competitive. Gaining media work experience and developing commercial awareness will help you stand out. Get more key advice from employers and successful applicants to set yourself up for success.
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The creative industries make up a broad spectrum of everything from film and animation, to publishing, video game creation, music and theatre. These jobs are often highly competitive but also highly rewarding, if not always brilliantly remunerated. Natural talent will get you so far, but you’ll need careful planning to break through – why not check out our tips and guides to help you? Once you're ready to apply, you can find CV and cover letter templates here and jobs and other opportunities here .

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Are you a graduate wanting to kickstart an extraordinary career working for industry-leading brands, developing invaluable skills and gaining world-class experiences, all while having a good time along the way? If you answered “yes”, buckle up, you’re in the right place!
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FAQs in creative arts, media and design

Careers in creative industries are typically very competitive but also very rewarding. Many who work in such industries are find their work to be exciting and meaningful.

This is one of those competitive areas where relevant work experience is vital to getting a foot in the door. Building a portfolio, will enhance your skills and prove your commitment. Performers are often self-employed, usually working on a contract basis. It is possible to get permanent jobs in administrative work in this field.

There’s a broad range of career paths for those interested in the arts. Jobs in this sector include actor, animator, content writer, script writer, photographer, interior designer and much more.

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