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Whether you want a graduate career in fashion design, buying, merchandising, store management, or supply chain, we have the advice you need to make great job applications, impress at interview and go on to long-term success.
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Any company that sells goods and services to consumers is considered part of the retail industry. This makes the retail sector highly varied, providing all sorts of goods and services both online and in various types of stores. The retail sector is the largest private sector employer in Ireland. It is a vital part of the country’s economy. Whether you want a graduate career in fashion design, buying, merchandising, store management, or supply chain management, the retail sector offers plenty of great opportunities.

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You and your retail management degree

A retail management degree will provide you with a set of skills relevant to a management role in the retail sector and beyond. An academic qualification in retail, coupled with relevant experience can help set you on the right path in the retail sector. Fortunately, retail is a broad sector offering multiple opportunities to acquire experience. While studying you could work in a retail outlet. This may even lead to promotional opportunities.

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What can I do with an international business and languages degree?

Your degree in International Business and Languages has provided you with competency in languages which have an important role to play in Ireland’s ability to trade with other countries. Fluency in languages is vital to the success of businesses dealing with the regions in which those languages are spoken. With the increasing globalisation of world markets and the dependency of the global economy on international trade, you will have developed skills that are in demand.

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What can I do with a retail & services management degree?

Your degree in Retail and Services Management has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the principal operational and strategic issues involved in the management of retail enterprises in the context of both national and international business environments. It has also helped you develop a range of useful skill. Understanding what skills you have to offer and like to use can help you understand what you want in a career.

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Retail careers for graduates: Buying

The role of the retail buyer is to select products for sale according to the demand or forecasted demand of a retailer’s customers and the budget available for spending on goods. Goods are purchased in bulk from importers, manufacturers, growers, wholesalers, fashion houses and so on to sell at a profit. Most buyers specialise in a particular type of product such as fashion or food. Find out more about this career.

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FAQs in retail

Graduate training programmes and fast track management training programmes are a good way for ambitious graduates to progress rapidly in the retail sector.

There’s a broad range of career paths for those interested in retail. Jobs in this sector include buying, merchandising, business support functions and much more.

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