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Welcome to the third sector! Charity work can be hugely rewarding, with diverse and surprising career opportunities. Find out who’s hiring, what employers are looking for and hear testimonials from recent graduate starters.
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Would a graduate career in charity suit you?

Is a graduate career in charity right for you?

The charity and NGO sector offers a wealth of opportunities. It is a competitive industry and an integral part of any successful organisation. Often involved in the execution of significant projects, charity professionals liaise with senior management on a regular basis to coordinate their organisation’s running.

Careers in charity as a social worker

Graduate careers as a social worker in the charity sector

Charities and NGO's need a broad range of skills and disciplines in order to deliver their objective and to continue to deliver the supports their clients, stakeholders and donors need. Your degree in social work can help.

Interns in the charity sector

What can you expect with an internship in the charity sector.

An internship can be a great way to find out if a graduate career in the charity sector is for you. But what can you expect and what work will you likely be doing.

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For Purpose Ireland's Social Impact Graduate Programme

Insights from career specialists

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Your degree and charity jobs

Find out how your degree and experience can help you lend a job in the charity sector

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At publicjobs, we are the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services across the civil and public service. We are committed to providing a premier recruitment facility to our clients, including Government Departments, Agencies and Local Authorities, in order to successfully employ suitable candidates. Additionally, we deliver an effective gateway to identify suitable individuals for consideration by Ministers for appointment to State Boards. We provide an open and transparent recruitment process to identify top-quality candidates for public sector roles, with a strong reputation for independent and merit-based selection. We are privileged to support the Irish Government and our clients to deliver high-quality public services through the recruitment of a diverse, highly talented and committed workforce that reflects the diversity of the society that it serves.

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Tourism Ireland
Depaul Charity

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