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Help develop the potential of current and future generations. Teaching is about so much more than a classroom. Get advice on training options and funding, progression opportunities and the structure of the public and private education systems.

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At Publicjobs.ie, we are the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services across the Civil and Public Service. We are committed to providing a premier recruitment facility to our clients, including Government Departments, Agencies and Local Authorities, in order to successfully employ suitable candidates. Additionally, we deliver an effective gateway to identify suitable individuals for consideration by Ministers for appointment to State Boards. We provide an open and transparent recruitment process to identify top-quality candidates for public sector roles, with a strong reputation for independent and merit-based selection. We are privileged to support the Irish Government and our clients to deliver high-quality public services through the recruitment of a diverse, highly talented and committed workforce that reflects the diversity of the society that it serves.

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Starting your teaching career

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A career in teaching: getting started

There have been significant regulatory changes within the teaching sector over recent years, with access to this popular sector now subject to a process regulated by the Teaching Council in the Republic of Ireland. Read our advice on how to get your teaching career started.

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