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Technical skill, creativity and attention to detail are needed in IT. From cybersecurity to AI, blockchain and more. Find where you belong and start your career!
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The technology sector is a prominent one in Ireland. It comprises of a range of businesses that engage in activities ranging from research and development to the sale of goods and services. The tech industry is competitive, dynamic and exciting. You can be working on artificial intelligence, quantum computing, machine learning, drones and a vast array of smart devices. career opportunities in tech are plentiful. Find advice for gaining the skills and experience you need to launch your graduate IT career. Once you're ready to apply, you can find CV and cover letter templates here .

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FAQs in information technology

Careers in tech are varied, you’ll have many options to choose from. The earning potential of a career in tech is quite high. Tech workers also tend to benefit from a high level of flexibility in their jobs.

There’s a broad range of career paths for those interested in tech. Jobs in this sector include network engineer, software development, product manager, technical sales, technical writer, QA engineer, UX designer and much more.

Right here at! Check out our ‘Get hired’ section to find roles that are suitable for you.

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