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AR & VR for Creative Industries - Letterkenny

This programme aims to introduce the areas of augmented reality and virtual reality to the creative industries. As Bill Gates is quoted in 1996 in his essay of the same name "Content is King" and this still is true today. This programme will allow artists and designers to create content for these rising technologies using tools and platforms that will feel familiar to them and allow deployment to the key platforms. The pathway through the course will introduce pipelines for developing content for AR and VR platforms. 360 video, 3d elements, marker and location-based AR and how to deploy the experience for users will be introduced to the student.

Subjects taught

Year One

AR and VR Content Development Mandatory 10
VR Experience Design Mandatory 10

AR App Development for Designers Mandatory 10

Application dates

Application closing date: January 9th, 2023


1 semester part-time. 100% Online.

Post Course Info

Graduate Careers
Graduate careers typically include:
Design Agencies
Game Developers
App Developers
Animation Studios
Film Industry

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  • Qualifications

    Minor Certificate (Level 9 NFQ)

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    Part time

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