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Arts Celtic Studies & Social Sciences - Research

Entry requirements

Academic Requirements

PhD applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H1 (second class honours, grade 1) to apply.

Master by Research applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H2 (second class honours, grade 2) to apply.

Check our qualification comparison website for equivalencies at

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Although students generally choose a topic for their research from their degree discipline you are not restricted to your primary degree subjects.

Find a supervisory team
Once applicants know which area or topic they wish to research, they then need to find a supervisor. This site offers a list of academics listed under a wide range of schools/departments/disciplines

Applicants can also contact UCC Department/Schools relevant to that area of research and check the availability of appropriate supervisors .

You must choose a supervisor and discuss your prospective research with them before applying. Your supervisor will let you know if you need to prepare a research proposal and will need to approve your proposal before you submit it. You may need to submit this proposal directly to the School/Department and/or submit it with your online application. Applicants who apply to research programmes in Arts, Celtics Studies and Social Sciences, Law and Medicine & Health are required to submit a research proposal of approximately 1,500 words, and in Business a proposal of approximately 500 words is required.

Application dates

Apply Online
After confirming your research area and supervisory arrangements (as detailed via How to Apply - Application link below) applicants apply online at the UCC application portal. There is a €50 application fee for applications.


CKF01 M Phil - Latin (Full-Time)
CKF02 M Phil - Latin (Part-Time)
CKF03 M Phil - Greek (Full-Time)
CKF04 M Phil - Greek (Part-Time)
CKF05 M Phil - Greek & Roman Civilisation (Full-Time)
CKF06 M Phil - Greek & Roman Civilisation (Part-Time)
CKF07 M Phil - Applied Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKF08 M Phil - Applied Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKF09 M Phil - Applied Psychology (Full-Time)
CKF10 M Phil - Applied Psychology (Part-Time)
CKF11 M Phil - Social Policy (Full-Time)
CKF12 M Phil - Social Policy (Part-Time)
CKF13 M Phil - Archaeology (Full-Time)
CKF14 M Phil - Archaeology (Part-Time)
CKF15 M Phil - Folklore (Full-Time)
CKF16 M Phil - Folklore (Part-Time)
CKF17 M Phil - Computer Studies (Full-Time)
CKF18 M Phil - Computer Studies (Part-Time)
CKF19 M Phil - Early & Medieval Irish (Full-Time)
CKF20 M Phil - Early & Medieval Irish (Part-Time)
CKF21 M Phil - Celtic Civilisation (Part-Time)
CKF22 M Phil - Celtic Civilisation (Part-Time)
CKF23 M Phil - Economics (Full-Time)
CKF24 M Phil - Economics (Part-Time)
CKF25 M Phil - Education (Full-Time)
CKF26 M Phil - Education (Part-Time)
CKF27 M Phil - English (Full-Time)
CKF28 M Phil - English (Part-Time)
CKF29 M Phil - French (Full-Time)
CKF30 M Phil - French (Part-Time)
CKF31 M Phil - Geography (Full-Time)
CKF32 M Phil - Geography (Part-Time)
CKF33 M Phil - German (Full-Time)
CKF34 M Phil - German (Part-Time)
CKF35 M Phil - Hispanic Studies (Full-Time)
CKF36 M Phil - Hispanic Studies (Part-Time)
CKF37 M Phil - History of Art (Full-Time)
CKF38 M Phil - History of Art (Part-Time)
CKF39 M Phil - History (Full-Time)
CKF40 M Phil - History (Part-Time)
CKF43 M Phil - Italian (Full-Time)
CKF44 M Phil - Italian (Part-Time)
CKF45 M Phil - Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKF46 M Phil - Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKF47 M Phil - Mathematical Studies (Full-Time)
CKF48 M Phil - Mathematical Studies (Part-Time)
CKF49 M Phil - Modern Irish (Full-Time)
CKF50 M Phil - Modern Irish (Part-Time)
CKF51 M Phil - Music (Full-Time)
CKF52 M Phil - Music (Part-Time)
CKF53 M Phil - Philosophy (Full-Time)
CKF54 M Phil - Philosophy (Part-Time)
CKF55 M Phil - Sociology (Full-Time)
CKF56 M Phil - Sociology (Part-Time)
CKF57 M Phil - Statistics (Full-Time)
CKF58 M Phil - Statistics (Part-Time)
CKF59 M Phil - European Studies (Full-Time)
CKF60 M Phil - European Studies (Part-Time)
CKF61 M Phil - An Leann Duchais (Full-Time)
CKF62 M Phil - An Leann Duchais (Part-Time)
CKF63 M Social Science (Full-Time)
CKF64 M Social Science (Part-Time)
CKF65 MEd (Full-Time)
CKF66 MEd (Part-Time)
CKF67 M Phil - Drama & Theatre Studies (Full-Time)
CKF68 M Phil - Drama & Theatre Studies (Part-Time)
CKF69 M Social Science (by Portfolio) (Full-Time)
CKF70 M Social Science (by Portfolio) (Part-Time)
CKF71 MPhil - Composition (Full-Time)
CKF72 MPhil - Composition (Part-Time)
CKF73 M Phil - Policy Studies (Full-Time)
CKF74 M Phil - Policy Studies (Part-Time)
CKF75 M Phil - Chinese Studies (Full-Time)
CKF76 M Phil - Chinese Studies (Part-Time)
CKF77 Mphil by Independent Research (History) (Full-Time)
CKF78 MPhil - Study of Religions (Full-Time)
CKF79 MPhil - Study of Religions (Part-Time)
CKF80 MPhil - Politics (Full-Time)
CKF81 MPhil - Politics (Part-Time)
CKF82 MPhil - Women`s Studies (Full-Time)
CKF83 MPhil - Women`s Studies (Part-Time)
CKF84 MPhil (Arts) Sociology and Philosophy (Full-Time)
CKF85 MPhil (Arts) Sociology and Philosophy (Part-Time)

CKV02 MRes - Drama and Theatre Studies (Part-Time)
CKV03 MRes - French (Full-Time)
CKV04 MRes - French (Part-Time)
CKV05 MRes - Folklore (Full-Time)
CKV06 MRes - Folklore (Part-Time)
CKV07 MRes - Bealoideas (Full-Time)
CKV08 MRes - Bealoideas (Part-Time)
CKV09 MRes - Hispanic Studies (Full-Time)
CKV10 MRes - Hispanic Studies (Part-Time)
CKV11 MRes - History (Full-Time)
CKV12 MRes - History (Part-Time)
CKV13 MRes - History of Art (Full-Time)
CKV14 MRes - History of Art (Part-Time)
CKV15 MRes - Italian (Full-Time)
CKV16 MRes - Italian (Part-Time)
CKV17 MRes - Music (Full-Time)
CKV18 MRes - Music (Part-Time)
CKV19 MRes - Classics (Full-Time)
CKV20 MRes - Classics (Part-Time)
CKV21 MRes - German (Full-Time)
CKV22 MRes - German (Part-Time)
CKV23 MRes - English (Full-Time)
CKV24 MRes - English (Part-Time)
CKV25 MRes - Study of Religions (Full-Time)
CKV26 MRes - Study of Religions (Part-Time)
CKV27 MRes - Sociology (Full-Time)
CKV28 MRes - Sociology (Part-Time)
CKV29 MRes - Applied Social Studies (Full-Time)
CKV30 MRes - Applied Social Studies (Part-Time)
CKV31 MRes - Geography (Full-Time)
CKV32 MRes - Geography (Part-Time)
CKV33 MRes - Film and Screen Media (Full-Time)
CKV34 MRes - Film and Screen Media (Part-Time)
CKV35 MRes - Modern Irish (Full-Time)
CKV36 MRes - Modern Irish (Part-Time)
CKV37 MRes - Mathematical Studies (Full-Time)
CKV38 MRes - Mathematical Studies (Full-Time)
CKV39 MRes - Women`s Studies (Full-Time)
CKV40 MRes - Women`s Studies (Part-Time)

CKV47 MRES Philosophy (Full-Time) Apply
CKV48 MRES Digital Arts and Humanities (Full-Time)

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  • Qualifications

    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ),Degree - Doctoral (Level 10 NFQ)

  • Attendance type

    Full time,Part time

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