Chemistry - Dublin Chemistry - Research

PhD Chemistry (Dublin Chemistry)
Graduate Research (level 10 nfq)

Subjects taught

Stage 1 - Option
Chemistry Seminar Programme ICHEM40160
Spectroscopic Techniques (TCD)CHEM40240
Structure and Biophysical Studies of Nucleic Acids: Drug Binding and More (TCD)CHEM40250
Synthesis and Chemical Modification of Nanomaterials (TCD)CHEM40270
Chemistry Seminar Programme IICHEM40280
Catalytic Asymmetric SynthesisCHEM40310
Chemistry Graduate Teaching AssistantCHEM40340
Commerialisation of Chemical ResearchCHEM40350
Synthesis of Pharmaceutical CompoundsCHEM40360
Advanced NMR SpectroscopyCHEM40370
Topics in Inorganic ChemistryCHEM40390
Master Class in Carbohydrate ChemistyCHEM40400
Surface Science and Technology (TCD)CHEM40450
Chemistry Seminar Programme IIICHEM40520
Chemistry Outreach: Development and PracticeCHEM40860
Mass Spectrometry for ChemicalCHEM41300
Chemistry Third Year PhD PresentationCHEM50030
Advanced Characterisation TechCHEN40510
Online Research SkillsSCI50010
Research Integrity OnlineSCI50020
Academic Writing for Science for Postgraduate studentsSCI50030


3 years full-time.

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    Degree - Doctoral (Level 10 NFQ)

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    Full time,Daytime

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