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Almost everything we do results in data being created and stored somewhere. Individuals, communities, business and governments face major challenges in harnessing all this data to create knowledge that will underpin a healthier, safer, more productive world. There is an acute global shortage of talent and expertise in Data Analytics and Data Science. Due to the strong demand for these graduates and the leading edge quality of this particular programme, annual demand for places on the programme is extremely competitive.

This is an advanced MSc programme that is delivered full-time over one year, and provides graduates of Computer Science and closely related areas with in-depth knowledge and skills in the emerging growth area of Data Analytics and Data Science. The MSc in Data Analytics is delivered by a team of highly respected academics based in University of Galway that are considered international experts in their respective fields. Some of the topic areas include large-scale data analytics, advanced data-mining and machine learning, deep learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, data visualisation, web mining, linked-data analytics, simulation and modelling, and digital image processing.

This programme is aimed at graduates with a primary qualification in Computer Science or related subject area. It is not a conversion course, and students are expected to be already at a very high technical standard with regard to the technical elements of their computing background.

In addition to completing a range of advanced modules, students will then reinforce their newly gained skills through a 30-credit project that is completed during the summer and evaluated through a thesis (minor dissertation) format. For these projects, students work directly with an academic supervisor in their chosen area of specialisation, while they also can pursue the opportunity to collaborate with a research groups across University of Galway or with an industry partner.

Subjects taught

Course Outline
The MSc is a 90-ECTS course with three main elements: core modules (40 ECTS), optional modules (20 ECTS), and a substantial capstone thesis project (30 ECTS).

Core modules include: Information Retrieval, Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Principles of Machine Learning, Programming for Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Web and Network Science, Data Visualisation, Case Studies in Data Analytics

Optional modules include: Tools & Techniques for Large Scale Data Analytics, Modelling I, Statistics for Data Science 1, Applied Statistics I, Systems Modelling and Simulation, Discrete Mathematics, Knowledge Graphs, Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing, Statistics for Data Science 2, Embedded Image Processing, Applied Statistics II

From Semester 2 onwards, students work on individual projects and submit them in August. Projects may have a research or applied focus.


1 year, full-time.

Enrolment dates

Next start date September 2024

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Career Opportunities
Data analytics skills are required in every industry. Graduates will be excellently qualified to pursue exciting careers in national and multinational industries in a wide range of areas. Our graduates currently work for companies as diverse as IBM, SAP, Cisco, Avaya, Google, Fujitsu, Accenture,, Merck Pharmaceuticals as well as many specialised companies and start-ups.

Opportunities include:

The development of innovative new services and products based on data analytics
The development of new types of data analysis services and solutions
The creation of leading-edge start-ups that provide analytics solutions and products.
PhD-level research in University of Galway, elsewhere in Ireland, or abroad
A career in Data Analytics?

Accenture, Gartner and McKinsey have all identified Data Analytics as one of the fastest growing employment areas in computing and one most likely to make an impact in the future.
The Irish Government’s policy is for Ireland to become a leading country in Europe for big data and analytics, which would result in 21,000 potential new employment opportunities in Ireland alone.
CNN has listed jobs in this area in their Top 10 best new jobs in America.

Further Education
This is a distinctive programme that is closely aligned to the research and teaching expertise of the School of Computer Science and the Digital Science Institute in University of Galway.

Graduates of this programme are waived a year from their studies on the University of Galway Structured PhD Programme in Computer Science to reflect their completion of advanced computing modules through the MSc Data Analytics.

Demand for graduates from this programme in industry is very strong both locally, nationally and internationally.

Due to the nature of this programme, it is seen as the almost perfect preparation and route into a PhD in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Data Analytics/Science. Graduates from this programme have been hugely successful in pursuing highly prestigious and competitive PhD Scholarships as a result of their MSc Data Analytics qualifications. Many of these graduates can then pursue careers in research and development, academia and a host of consulting and leading industry roles.

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